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Baby Chris to be


This is a pic of my son Jordan who I think resembles Chris a lil. They got that yella bone thang going on!


NO I cant say nuttin else ! e not chrissy as a baby r nuttin !

Nicky J

He could be another CB, if he wanted to once he gets older. Anything is possible.

naw boo boo

naw not in my not seein what yall seein i kant see cb in his face ...
NyChElLE AkA tHe BrOwN IcE ChIcK

that lil peanut head nigga don't look nuttin like my man he look like rick martin lil brother and u kno wat he look like a pinch of Hell da f*** no he don't look like chris brown ladie...go 2 sleep

jordon does look like babe chris a little bit