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OMG!!!! CHRIS IS #1 On TRL!!!!

Yea my boy!! finally made it to #1!!!! Go CHRIS!!!! YEA!!!


yea i think people got scared bout the album release being pushed back that they started voting hecka much.

maybe that was their idea in the first place? lmao

"Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it".

Yea.. i saw that.. im so happy for him..
but wa still gotta keep votin ta keep him up there
in the game.. ya know an he need dat top spot on 106 & park

Yea!! My votin' paid off! Go, Baby Boii!!

(((Her Smile Lights Up Tha Room [♥] And She Ain't Got No Attitude)))
[♥Nobody's Like Young Chris, Noo♥]

Yea I kno I WAS SOO HAPPY !!!
I love Chris Brown 4eva!!
He is sexy.hott.cute......

I started yelling
I was like O YES = D
Now we just gota keep it up theere haha