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Chris Brown Needs To Be On Here More Often Like He Said Fans Come First If U Agree Then Reply If U Dont Agree Then Tell Me Why

I think that chris should talk to his fans no offense to him but i would like to talk to chris in person or even on a computer I know yall would like the same. If agree den tell y If disagree then tell me y


No arguements here. lol I mean, they say this is his OFFICIAL website, so he shld be here chillaxing and rapping with us even once awhile, right? I think the webpages shld be redesigned to accommodate that sortta thing... That wld be awesome to talk to him here and having him actually talk back to us...

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lilmizzbrown129 thats what i was tryna explain

!F MOR3 N!GGA$ WA$ LIK3 CHRI$ @ND WAS WORTH A D!M3 OR A DOZ3N I WOULD B3 $T@!GHT N!GG@ " Capr!corn$ all day " What is i hate u Back Wards "LOOK !N THE MIRROR" U Hate I " I is Me Hate all U Wanna " MS.BROWN 4 EVA

well i agree then i dont agree i agree because we do need to interact moe wit him and learn more about him then we already kno... butagain he is busy trying to make us happy buy makin cds and videos and appearing on shows so he can express his self isnt that wht you wold want him to do??

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well i think chris always put his fans first before anything and we all know that ....we have to understand that chris is busy ( hypothetically speaking > chris has barely enough time to eat a good meal ...u understand what i mean ? im not saying i disargree with yall comments and replies i just think we have to be patient and wait then maybe he'll come around and stop by and chat ...its true we do write comments constantly and we wait for a reply forever but if we all stick together and come up with some type of concept or plan maybe he would come on sooner then we think ...but we got arguing / cussing /over the net / people not getting along with each other ( we all need to come together as sisters / family /fans )but we got everyting going one above the sun over the net ..
who knows chris might do come on here and just look up whats going on and what we talking about he just might not reply ...i do wish he replyed to all of us ( somtimes it do feel like he forgot about us )but in his heart i know ( we know ) he didnt ...i do know especially on the old board he did reply to us.. did yall understand he was sixteen he really didnt have much on his hands then he was 17 now 18 now he has more promotion and he has alot to do now...
<>thats just my opinion <>

!F MOR3 N!GGA$ WA$ LIK3 CHRI$ @ND WAS WORTH A D!M3 OR A DOZ3N I WOULD B3 $T@!GHT N!GG@ " Capr!corn$ all day " What is i hate u Back Wards "LOOK !N THE MIRROR" U Hate I " I is Me Hate all U Wanna " MS.BROWN 4 EVA
many people would hate for me and chris to be together but what ever i think chris picked a hat pulled a name and hit the machine and won the lottery
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Yea I agree with you 100 percent he say he love his fans but is that really true?????????????

i totally agree


i totally agree


of course i want him to come on here. that is probably as close to him as i'm gonna get to him right now. but he is pretty busy i guess.
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i agree and disagree coz he is probably tryin to compensate time to his music at the same time on his oficial website. I would say that it wwould stress him a lot if he had to be on his website to reply to his fans. Anyway it doesn't bother me much!:P


I agree, but then again I under stand that hes really busy.


Chris Brown bring the heat. Va'z Royal Prince bring it with him

no i think God should come first

thank you! that was what i was about to say BETTERCHANCE!

i am tired of that he super busy stuff they give him time off and during some of that time should come us all what you mean more often i mean period he don't come on here at all that i saw

I Agree But Then I Disagree Becuz U Kno Some Girls On The Board ::no offense:: Wuld Be Actin Really Stupid LoL Askin Him To Marry Them And Be They Baby Daddiez And Ish Like Dat LoL But Yea On My Behalf I Agree LoL But I Do Understand Hes A Busy Man So I Wuldnt Really Get Mad At The Fact That He Isnt Really Here
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i agree to

yup! i AGREE!!!!!!!! what about the Questions For Chris stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never gotten a reply!

well i argree but on the other hand chris do put his fans first its just thats hes supper busy and doesnt has time for any thing much hes working hard making movies and trying to push sucess tryin everything possible to satisfy his fans it would be nice 4 chris to at least come on this site / board and reply more often but i bet if chris had time on his hands he would stop bye and say a few words to his fans like he did before .......even if all he could write was he love all his fan or that he apreciate all the love and support we give to him

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he duz need to be on here more often because us chris brown fanz are posting questions 4 chris 2 answer . I feel as so he was on the old website more than now on his new website. NO,offensive to chris brown but i wish he was on here more.
Peace OUT! ! ! !

LiL Angel...

yea he duz i never c anything sayin frum chris brown 2 fanz its da other way around and we never get an answer