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2 min. of kiss kiss way better than wall to wall
which one yall like better i think this should of been the 1st single it would have done a lot better they would have played this out and thats means you got a hot recored


OMG! That was my first time hearin that and I love it already! Yea, he should'a made that his first single and I agree wit u bellaMari about the growth thing...

*I'm turnin heads LEFT n's only right if the WHOLE block STARE*

When he performed that song at Kingsdominoun
I was like Oh Hell Yes Lma0 I love both of the songs he did with T- Pain

yeah i hread that b4. but he should come out with take you down then kiss kiss cuz those are way better than wall to wall but i still ike that song its jus reminds me of run it
Let me take u down

I really wanna take u down

and show you what I'm about

trust when i tell ya, i LOVE dat song already yo....
i think he shudda had dat 1 out 1st woulda shown a diff side of would show his "growth" from the last album

i heard this @ the essence festival.

-party like a rock star, look like a movie star, play like an all star, baby im a SUPERSTAR!-

kiss kiss

just call me his #1 gurl_Que's that is