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Chris on Acess Granted

I dont kno if yall kno this or not but my computer records all the episodes of accesss granted and on June 20, they say Chris Brown is gonna be on Access Granted. Jus thought I'd pass that on 4 those who didnt kno!


its so sexii how hes the vampire wit his glow in the dark eyes. me likey lol : ]

man Chris's video wall 2 wall was hype as hell ! my man da vampire !
i think i like dat ! ! Chris da Vampire !

Nicky J

love the video...thanks for tellin us....appreciate it

I ♥ DaT ViDE0 buT im LikE " FuTuR STaR " I wasnT ReaDiE 4 ThE ThriLLEr...BuT I Luved DaT FanG he had in his MouTH!!!!!

--yeah i waited for access granted but dey showed dat yung joc one instead but anywayz da vid was hot but more than that it was fresh it was new i expected it to be typical chris like gimme that or run it but he did a 360 on me wit dat vampire thing and then the girls crawling down the wall now plz if u agree plz tell me dat gave u the michel jackson thriller vibe
~*Ebony aka the next star*~

im mad they didnt show the access granted but the video was hott!

June 7, 2008 !s My D2y +0 Sh!n3!!!
Cl@ss 0f 2008 Ch!ck!!!!

thanks girl i will be der watchin!!!

OMG thanks for the info

i cant wait

thank u!!

thank for the lettin us kno