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CB in VA again!

i just read that on August 15th he'll be at the bowling alley AMF Hanover Lanes in Richmond for his Exclusive 2 Up 2 Down Back to School party! i don't know all the details, but from what i've heard, i think you have to bring a brand new backpack to get in. and you can win a VIP lane from listening to 106.5 The Beat in Richmond. i don't know everything, but i'm gonna try my hardest to get in lmao!


I gots to go


i would love for you to come to Roanoke,VA we have alot of fun down here even though its a small city could you surprise fans here by doin a show.....

when's trey songz cookout??? did it already happen???

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nevermind, i think this is canceled.

BUT, Trey Songz is having a cookout and Chris Brown might be there. he gotta "special" invite, but they still have to verify it.

omg r u serious??? do u kno if there is a way to buy a ticket???

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