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Cinderella Lyrics

Only Chris Verse

You becomin a dream to me
a fairytale fantasy
nothing can never compare
an image to my memory
girl i ask could you be my queen
a vision on a magazine
that's when I'll be there
its something we both share

Because, when the sun shine we'll shine togetha
you know I'll be here forever
All though its alot of rain outside
girl its gettin late and you could stay the night
but you could dip out anytime whenevea
I can call a car I ain't tryna stress ya
I'm lookin for the one with the glass slippa
babygirl you can be my cinderella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh
You can be my Cinderella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh


Yah... Dey Did Dat Shyt!!!

[//signature begins\\]
ĊĦŘįς♥ЯΘβүИ ← Dats Wassup!!!!!
Fuhk Ya Hospital Cuz Chris Brown Da illest... Ballee Dat!!!
-Heh- Y'een Knoe???!!!!
[//signature ends\\]

thankx 4 tha lyrics but u 4got the part when he say go n say my sum more

what happen to the bridge part datz ma favorite part

--thatz good i luv it!!! but thatz my man not Rihina
Mizz Christopher Maurice Brown

Man dat lil remix iz hott tho fa real on tha fly tip

Diggy/ Lil Cbreezy
2 Up 2 Down 703 Tha Bridge