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4 Tha older and mature!!! I need advice!!!

Okay so I like this dude and he never knew I liked him in skool..I always kind of acted like I couldn't stand him and err time we were together we'd argue and talk about each other...then one day I woke up and realized...HE GRADUATED!!! now I don't have him around anymore and the worst part is he's been with his gurlfriend for about 8 years or something (a long end time) and she always talking bout how much she love him so I feel bad about my feelings for him...cause I know errbody always saying how they tha perfect couple and stuff so I don't want to mess that up.....anyways I can't get him out my head..he's gone off to college and I haven't spoke with him since may....whats wrong with me..???? Sometimes I feel like i'm going crazy thinking bout this boy :-( ...then the other day i heard through the grapevine that he might be going to the same city that i'm suppose to be going to when I graduate so i'm like why does he keep doing this to me there anybody that can provide some type of advice?????


im glad i could help and wish u all the best with it =)
Hugs And Kisses And All My Best Wishes Vicki .X.[x].X.

Thank-Yall Soo much...Your Words helped alot :-)
I can't leave him alone, I tried that Good Boy Game but tha Dope Boy turning Me on!!!

Aww That Sucks
If You Ever Bump Into Him Again
Apologise To Him For The Way Things Wer In High Skl
And You Cant Do Nothing But Hope And Pray He Accepts Your
Apology And Re-Build A FriendShip From It
As For Having A Bf/Gf Relationship With Him I Dont Think Thats Goin
To Happen Him And His Gf Must Rele Love Each Other
But Maybe One Day You Neva Know

Im Not Older Im Only 16 But I Do Talk More Sense Than Alota People
I Hope i Helpd And I Hope Things Turn Out Well

Hugs And Kisses And All My Best Wishes Vicki .X.[x].X.

I'm going through the same damn thang. I knew this boy since middle school and i had a lil crush on him and we always agrue. Then when we got in high school i was soo scared to tell him i liked him. I told everybody except him. I used 2 write love notes about him. (they all on my myspace blog) So, i told him, but the bad thing he had start talking to this girl i couldn't stand. And we stop talking because somebody start playin' on my phone and i thought it was his girlfriend. We stop talking since Feb. But i keep having these dreams that he want to tell me something so bad, but he ashamed to tell me. I still have feelings for him, but my friends said leave it along cuz we're going to college now. And there be more fish in the sea. I just wish we could start over...srry. lil emotion. Now i'm goin to this college soon and i believe it's da same one he going to.
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well girl, i see it this way. yes, you may have feeling for him and yes, they do seem to run very deep but you can`t change the fact that he has a girl. from how you put it, their relationship seems to be a good one; and i mean, you don`t have to like it, but you gotta find a way to accept it. & you shouldnt feel bad about the way you feel for him. cause you really can`t help whom you care abt, ya dig? and trust, nothings wrong you.. yanno, thinking about him alot; cause when you really care for someone its hard to not think abt them, but you got to put it in its place. besides who knows, you could meet someone new who you are really feelin`.. as for ol` dude, i`m sure in a few years, its gonna be hard for you to even recall his last name. remember, feelings do fade over time..
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