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Chris Brown Worshipers..........

<I'm gone come to a conclusion, lol. Sorry. I dun wrote ALOT. (Once I start typing I cant stop.)>

My conclusion is:: Ladies, why fight over him? Why worship him to the point you would literally cuss out or whoop somebodies ass over Chris...just cause they said he's cute?....Chris has said a many times he loves ALL OF HIS FANS, okay and thats not just are NOT his ONLY fan, because if you were- Chris Brown would not CHRIS BROWN, feel me? Chris ass would still be living in Tappen----s***, however you spell the name of that damn town he from in VA and still probably playing basketball somewhere, recently graduating from high school. Bout to get ready for college. So believe you me sweety you are not the only fan, get that out yo head. Cuz I know you aint that crazy to buy EVERY one of the albums that made him go platnuim, cause if you got money out the ass like to the point you'd do that, then um....Lemme hold something... Wire me some money so I can fix this car, Lmao!

Chris LOVES ALL OF US the same, so why bicker and complain when someone says something?...Kinda immature don't yah think? Basically what I'm saying is if Chris loves all of us, why is that so hard to accept that. WE ALL love Chris. Not just you. Accept that and keep it moving. Cause you not the only one who got a million and one pictures of Chris on yo wall and two of his albums (One for the car, one for the house....One of my friends had 3, just in case one got messed up) and went to his concerts and got his song on yo ringtone, etc. And ya`ll wave that around as a defense to why you are really his fan, NUMBER 1 at that. So what if he got a puppy named Diamond and he loves strawberry cheesecake...Thats the obvious info about him because it was on bio on the old site and it was in a magazine, etc. so boo boo he aint personally tell you that. Lol, sorry but he didnt and just because you might know more doesnt make you a bigger and greater fan....Damn, aren't we all allowed to love him and think highly of him? Accept the fact that millions of girls love him...I'd feel bad if you REALLY WERE his girlfriend, cause ya`ll relationship would last no more than 5 minutes because of your crazy jealous-ness. But how you gon be jealous over someone who doesn't even know your full name?....Ummm, thats you I guess.

I just really hope you focus on your education as much as you do Chris Brown, if you not then your educational future is going down the toliet with the rest of the s*** that happens in life....

So lets stop with all the internet drama and physical fights....And learn to love and accept! And stop with the bulls*** because you're wasting your time. Because no matter how many times you call a girl a b**** or a hoe thats not gone stop her from loving Chris Brown....So at the end of the day, what did you really accomplish? COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY NOTHING!!! So just give up already....K?

LOVE & LIVE people. Love & live.

<Okay, I'm done---whew---Sorry, I wanted to vent.LOL.>



MAYNE! Finally someone that has some sense on this board!!! I feel that post....Kudos to ya!

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<strong>man, dis s***s an essay
i read like da 1st paragraph, && from wut i read i kinda agree wit chu
i mean, gurls will be gurls, i dont pay them type no type of attention
weneva dey try 2 blast me bout sayin suttin bout chris brown, i jus thro dem dat "r u serious?" look
&& keep it movin