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Hi I'm Nellie Anderson Im 17 years old and im the most biggest geek ever
I wear dorky clothes im soo smart, Im still a virgin, I never had a boyfriend, I have no friends and i have no dad.
Im not your average geek. I get hit and beat up and picked on but im pretty alittle.
Everyone thinks im ugly. I have no good life at all i pretty much hate it.

My alarm went off at 6:23 A.m. I got up and turned it off
I slumped to my bathroom not wanting to go to school but i have to.
I brush my teeth, Take a bath and get dressed.
I put on my Blue blouse and my black tuxedo pants with pay ess flats
I put on some heat perfume and walk downstairs
I go to the fridge and i see a note
Im at my friends house when you come home meet me in the living room its important Mom..
I roll my eyes and i reach in the fridge for milk
I put the milk on the counter and take out a bowl
I pour the milk in the bowl and put it in the microwave
I wait and wait until it dings. I put it on the table and i sit down
I put my fingers in it and put it on my skin burning it
I flinched at then i put some more on
Then when i looked at the clock it was 7: 09
Oh crap im late for school'
I pickd up my bag and ran out the door
I missed my bus so i had to walk
I walked and i was almost in the school when a couple of boys from my school saw me and called afer me
Ayy Yo Nellie come ova here
I shook my head no and i continued walking
Oh you gansta now huh?
I turned around and i walked over to them
Good job now get in the car
Those boys were hard thugs who do stuff to girls and sometimes they come back mssing
They used me as there little toy
Now get ya ass in da car
No i ran away fast and i locked the doors from inside
Whew that was close!
What was close miss Anderson?
Uhh um i looked and i saw my class was right there staring at me
Why arent you in my class at this time
I was i miss the bus
Thats no exusce now get your lil behind in the class
Ok i said quielty and the class laughed at me
I sat in the back were nobody was and i put my head down
I felt someone tap me and i peeked up
i t was a girl i liked her but she didnt like em
Yo get ya self up class is done she said getting her stuff up and leaing
I got up and went to the lunchroom
Can please get my lunch early i have to leave
The lunch lady looked at me and roled her eyes at me
I sighed and she gave me peanut buttter and a milk
I went out the caferteria and went to the bathroom
I sat on the toilet and ate my lunch
When i ehard the bell rig i threw my lunch away and i walked out the shcools back door
I couldnt take this schol anymore
I walked and i saw those boys out there again but this time with girls They were all laughing
I heard one of them say my name and i felt tears come to my eyes
I ran away from the school and i walked home
When i got home my mom was in the living room watching tv
Hey Nellie
Hi i said looking down
Why you left school today early she said looking up from the tv
I.. I felt sick
Oh perfect gives you more time to pack
Yeah were moving to Virgina
VIRGINA!!! Thats across the entire stae
Why are we moving there
Cause i got a new job and one of my friends live upt here
Wow thats why tou have to leave Californa
I was kinda happy of moving but then i had to start all over again
Go upstairs and pack ya stuff
Ok i run upstairs and i lay on my bed thinking of virgina

Hours later: 9 Pm
Girl go to sleep we leaving at 5 tommorow
Ok i layed on my bed and i drifted off to sleep


Oh my gosh!! Its so Beautiful
Just like you Bae he said smiling at me
Aww just for that you gon get a gift from me tonight
Ohh i cant wait he says touchin my thigs
Ok ok thats enough for now the teach watchin us
Who cares bout dat hairy ass n*gga
Well.. I dont know i say removing his hand
Chris i wanna tell you something
I.. I.. I lo-
Just before i said the ending the bell rang
Sh*t i said getting up
He got up and started walking with me
What was you gonna say?
Imma tell you at lunch
Oh i got a damn appointment i think they gon stick some sh*t in my ass i dont do that gay sh*t
Yeah you betta not cause i want you all to my self
Damn you mad selfish
Yup cause i lo-
Some stank girl pop outta nowhere
Damn dont be screaming in my ear!
Oww he kisses my lips and runs to the office
Really i say looking at her
I was bout to say something and you come outta know where with ya loud self!
Im sorry i just hate Chris i did that on purpose she says quietly
Well don't be hatin n mah boo i say walking away to a group of girls

Beep Beep Beep
Arghhh i look on the clock and its 4: 21am
Mom! i say getting out of bed
I run to the bathroom and take 2 showers and i brush my teeth
I put on my clothes and i Put my hair in a ponytail
While im walking down the stairs i start thinking bout the dream
What was that dream about? Who was Chris? And he was kinda cute well really cute and who was that girl?
After i reached the lst step i almost fell and my mom looked at me
Whats wrong with you?
Nothing i just tripped
Your a klutz
I know
I see my suitcases and i pick it up i go in the kitchen and i take a sprite and breakfast bar
Girl arent you gonna eat?
Yeah i have the breakfast bar
No damn wonder you so skinny
She headed to the door and motioned for me to come
I walked out side but before i took one last glimpse of the house and smiled
And then my smile disapeared when i thought about leaving california
Goodbye Cali Hello Virgina

This is my first story its gonna get better. run it


this is good
run it

◘◘◘Chapter 2◘◘◘
After school i walked outside and found the girls at a jeep
I walked over there and they smiled
Yeah i said going in the car
They sat in the car and drove to this huge mall with outlets
I started at them but ive seem Malls like it in L.A
We walked in the mall and they took me to some stores and then we went to the food court
I got a apple pie and a sprite
So what you gon wear tomorrow Leslie says eating her cheese fries
Um i think this (
Yeah is yo mama gon let chu wear dat
Um i dont think so i say looking down
Mhm just tell her you gon wear it and run out dat house
Uhh she would kill em before i even touch the handle
Ok we gon teach ya how to be bad and talk bad do you curse?
No im a christian
Tsk Tsk ok say ass
Oh my gosh say nigga its easy
Yeah dat wat you call people
Like say What up mah nigga
Oh ok teach me more
They teached me how to be bad and all that and how to curse and how to talk
Then i looked on the time and it was 5:26
Dang i gotta go
Iight we gonna see you tommorow right?
Mhm bye
I walked out the mall and i walked on the sidewalk
Oh yeah i forgot the house is far from here
I walked and walked until i was lost
Oh crap i looked at the time and it was 7:01 it was getting dark
I kept walking until i saw a silver car
It mstopped by my side and i looked at it
It rolled the window and i saw it was chris
What do you want?
You lost?
No and i dont need your help i started walking and he followed me again
Well are you a prosstitute cause this is where dey work
Then come in ill take you home
I sighed loudly and went in the passenger seat
I looked back and i saw some boys in the back
3 were light skin and 2 were dark skin
Yo guys dis is Nellie She new at da school
All of them said hey and i said hi
Nellie this is Shane, Shad, Mijo ,Trey, and Tyga he said pointing to them
Ok so were you live
2671 Colby St
Oh your my neighbor i live right next to you
Oh fantastic i say rolling my eyes
Dont be actin like a b*tch im driving you home
Look nigga i can get out da car and walk home i aint got no problem
Iight fine he drives off and we arrive at my house
I start opening the door when he grabs my arm
Get off me i yank my arm away and he looks at me
Your welcome he says and i get out of the car slamming it
Then he drives to his house and his friends and him go in the house but before he goes in he looks at me he smirks and bites his lips
i shudder and walk in the house
I flip on the light and i see my mom sitting in the living room looking at me
Where da hell were ya at
I was at the mall and then i got lost
After that she got up and slapped me across my face
Who da hell you f*cking think you talkin too get ya ass upstairs and go to bed before i whoop ya hoe ass
F*ck you!! I run upstairs before she can catch me and i lock the door
Damn it why does life have to be so hard!!
I go in the bathroom and take of my clothes and i take a shower then i brush my teeth forgetting to put on my towel i walk out my bathroom and my curtain is wide open
Then i see Chris looking at me in his window licking his lips
OH s***!!! I close the curtain and i put on clothes
Oh my gosh i think his friends was there looking at me too
I roll my eyes and go under the covers
Chris is one horny muda f*cka

Hot runit gurl
im,lovin this

♠♠♠Chapter 1♠♠♠

We arrive at Virgina at 9:26 AM. My mom looks around for someone and then finds who she looking for
I follow my mom picking up my suitcases and walking to the car
I put my stuff in the trunk and i sit in the back seat just wanting to sleep
We were driving on the highway for atleast 24 minutes when i saw a sign that said welcome to Tappahannock
Tappahonnock? what the i looked out the window and the houses looked colonial and old
I sat back in my seat when my mom turned on th radio

Bottoms up bottoms up (up)
Ay whats in ya cup
Got a cuple bottles
But a cuple aint enough
Bottoms up bottoms up (up)
Throw ya hands up
Tell security we bouta tear this club up
Bottoms up bottoms up (up)
Pocket full of green
Girl you know I love the way you shakin it them jeans
Bottoms up bottoms up (up)
Throw yo hands up
Bottoms up (up) bottoms up (up) bottoms up (up) up (up) up bottoms

Mom turn that crap off i dont wanna listen to Bottoms down or whatever its called
Girl dis is da music people listening to now i aint listen to your little pop music
I rolled my eyes and i looked out the window again
This is soo boring i took out a book and started reading
4 minutes ater we got to this house that was so big
It had Big double doors like 4 floors and it was a peach yellow color
Wow i walked out the car and took my stuff out
This house was twice the times bigger than my old house
I took the keys from my mom and ran in the house
I looked up at the celeing and everything it was alredy furnished
I walked up the stairs and found my room
I put my stuff down and started packing stuff away
I sat on my bed when i finished and i layed back
i sigh and smile alittle im so happy im away from those people
I turned to the side and close my eyes

I run down the block and i enter this eggshell color house
I knock on the door and this light skin girl answers the door
Hey Nell
Hey girl i hug her and we go inside
When we go inside i see a couple of girls and some boys
I see that boy chris there
H e comes up to me and cups my ass in his hands
Then he bites his lips
So where dat gift babygurl
I said tonight i say putting my hand around his neck
Aww man i really want that gift he kisses my lips with his big soft pink lips
I close my eyes feeling like im in heaven
Then when he pulls away i still have my lips out and my eyes closed
Then when i recognize he not kissing me any more i open my eyes and blush
So we playing a game with da bottle
Ooo yah playing spin the bottle i say twirling my hair
No we drinking some liquor Shad says looking at me crazy
Oh i sit down next to Chris and he puts his hands around me
Iigt my turn Leslie says
She drinks most of the top off and burps
Eww shane says fanning and gets the bottle
Everyone mostly drinks the bottle and when it comes to me i drink it down to the bottom
Then it goes and over until the bottle finished
Everyone was dunk as hell
Ok time for some hennesy!! Kelis shouted
Mhmmmm Janice says holding the bottle and drinking it
Give me dat chris says snatching it out her hand and and drinking then passes it to me
I drink some and then i pass it to someone else
Christopherr i say sitting on chris's lap
Yeahh he says putting his hand on my thigs
I wanna give you ya gift know
he gets up and picks me up putting into cradle positon
Once we get upstairs I push him on the bed and i start stripping finally when im done i tear off his close and i climp ontop of him
Merry Christmas
HUH! I get up fast about to fall off the bed when i look around i see im in my room
Lil girl why was you moaning in ya sleep
Hmm no i wasnt
You had a wet dream she said smiling
NO! Only boys get dat mom i get up and i wiggle alittle before falling
Ya nasty imma be downstairs
Oh before i go get ready cause you gotta get registered for school
Oh no i forgot today was sunday
I put on some clothes and i run downstairs
Damn that was fast go in the car imma be there in a mintue
Ok i get the keys and i turn the car on
I sit in the passengers seat and my mom comes
She sits down and reverses
We drove 2 blocks and we were at this school
It was big but not too big
We walked inside and went into the main office
A Secretary was at the desk and started asking us some questions
Hello how may i help you?
Um i want a cheeseburger and some fries i say thinking in my head letting out a giggle
My mom hits me on the chest and looks at me
Hi were here to resgister my daughter
Ok whats her name
Nellie Alexandra Anderson
Mhm she stared typing something and asked us more questgions
When were done it was 12:00
Mom im hungry i say rubbing my stomach
See you shouldve ate
I rolled my eyes and walked into the hallway
I looked for the exit and couldnt find it
Then when i almst found it i stopped dead in my tracks
I saw that boy that was in my dream
OMG! i say whispering
I try to walks away from him quickly looking down but i hit into something and i black out
Minutes later i see myself in this mansion i think
And i see people around me
I hear ringing noises and it hurts then i hear people
Oh yeah imm at school
I started to see clearly and i see Chris again oh my gosh
Hey you iight he asks looking in my eyes holding out a hand
Yeah im fi- I look into his dark brown eyes and i get lost in them i couldn't even hear or think
Ye- Yeah im fine i say ignoring his hand and getting up
What happened
Oh you was looking at the floor and you walked right into the wall and knocked out he said smiling
Oh why are you smiling i say dusting off my clothes
Cause you pretty and cute he says smiling even more
Umm okay i say trying to walk away but he catches my arm
Wait you going here
Cool then i see you around
Mhm wait why are you in school on a Sunday?
Oh detention he says walking away
nope i aint dating him whats with those dreams
I walk back into the office and my mom comes over to me and gives me my schedule
Thanks. We walk outside and we go to McDonald
After i get my food we go home and i eat my food
After i finish i lay down on the couch thinking of Chris
Wow Chris is so hot he makes me leak this liquid out my private
I wonder what the heck is that
And when i look at him he looks so special but its playa written all over his face
I can tell hes a charmer with them Hershey kisses eyes and pink, Juicy, Soft big li-
Whoooaa i need to stop thinkin bout him cause my sofa is staring to soak
I get up and walk to the bathroom
I go in the shower and take a bath
I finish taking a shower in a hour and i get dressed putting on my pajamas
I gotta wake up early tomorrow
I climb in bed and i close my eyes
The next morning i hear my alarm go off and i look at the time
I run to the bathroom taking a shower and brushing my teeth
I put my hair in a neat bun and i put on my areopostale t shirt and Capri
I put on my Nike sneakers and i put on my Maria Carey perfume
I run downstairs smelling waffles and i sit down at the table
She puts waffles pancakes bacon an eggs on the table and i stare at the food
Mom what is this is say pointing
Its food eat it
But i don't want to eat that its greasy and fattening
You need to gain weight and some ass cause you staring to get flat
But m-
Fine! i start eating the food slowly then i pick upt he speed when i see the time
Ok gotta go love you bye i say fast drinking my orange juice
Bye she says not looking back
I run down the block and i reach the school
I see kids going in the school and i feel nervous
I feel scared to go in and i just stand there then i hear a bell ring and i run inside the school
I look on my schedule and i got to my locker
I put my bag in there and i get my supplies
Then i feel a tap on my shoulders
I turn around i see someone
Umm your blocking my locker Wtih you locker door
Oh sorry i say moving away
Yeah you should be with dem clothes ugh you look like a nerd with them sh*ts on
I roll my eyes and i block her locker door again
Could you move!!
No i say not looking back
You know what she pushes my locker door and it closes on my hand and she gets whats in her locker and leaves smiling
UGHHH STUPID B*TCH!!! Oh crap i cover my mouth sad
Oh my gosh im staring to hate this school
I unlock my locker and i walked to my first class history
I get in the class and everyone stares at me
I tell the teacher who i am and he smiles
Class this is Nellie Anderson shes a new student from California
Where in California a kid asked
Compton i said
Oh he looked at his paper and slumped in his seat
O.kayy you seat is overrr he scanned the room for a empty seat There next to Christopher
Awww mann i said in my head
I go over to the seat and i sit down
The guy starts talking again and the class looks at him
I lisen to the teacher when i feel Someone staring at me
turn my head at him quickly Could ya stop doing that
Sorry he said chewing on paper
So whats your name he says looking at a straw
Nellie Anderson the teacher said it already
Oh i wasnt listening to him i was looking at you
Umm mhmkay i say looking at the board
Then i hear chris take out a foil paper and i hear it rustling
So whats your name i say still looking at the board
Christopher Brown But you can call me chris i hear him sniff then i look at him
What the heck i say whispering
Wha he says looking at me
What are you doing!
Im sniffinn some coke want some he puts it on my desk and i give it back to him
Umm no way i dont do drugs
You should do it one day its mad good
Umm yeah i look at my book and i start reading it
Then i hear him rustle the foil paper again and him spitting
Ok what are you doin this ti-
I see him blowing spit balls at people and they look back where its coming from
I just ignore him and start reading the book again
Yo Nellie
Yes i say still lookin at my book
You wanna sit with me today?
Um not today maybe tommorow
Cause um i wanna see the school first and sit by myself
Thats makes no f*cking sense
Oh well i just wannna eat alone
Iight i was just being friendly
Periods pasted and it was time for lunch
I walked around trying to find the lunchroom when i finally found it i was happy
I i got my lunch and i was just about to open the door when i girl tapped me and i turned around mad
Oh sorry i was just gonna ask if your were knew
Sorry i thought youn were someone else andd yeah im new
Oh where you going
libary i said looking away
You cant eat in the libary
Well im going too-
You wanna sit with us she pointed to a table of girls and i recognized them from my dreams
I sat at the tabe and they all said hi to me
Whats your name one girl asked
My name is Nellie Anderson
Oh were you from
Compton California
Oh my name is Kelis
And im Janice
Im Leslie
Im Kierra
Im shanell
Im Daniella
And im Nicki
Ok so you got ya eyes on someone Leslie says while drinking some milk
Um well there's Chris
Chris! they say loud but only like 2 tables heard them
Well hes kinda weird and creepy
Why Janice says while looking at someone smiling
Ok in history he was sniffing some cocaine then he was spitting spitballs at people and then hes always staring at me
Its ok hes actually a cool guy just sometimes he not the best person to mess with
The good ones are the ones that keeps you happy and buys you clothes and all that and they don't cheat
She started pointing
And thebad ones are like Chris Tyga Trey Shad Shane Dewayne Ben and James
They cheat on you get you pregnant here the schools biggest playas and jocks
They do drugs sells them and they thugs
I wouldnt date them if i were you
But if you got ya eye on Chris then you gotta put on some sexy sh*T
I dont think i could do taht i mean for a boy i say looking at chris
Girl are you a virgin still
Then you cant be a virgin forever
I want to lose it to the special guy
maybe he is ya dont know
We can go shopping and get you makeover
Um okay? i say looking away from chris
Yes! Meet us after school in the parking lot
I cant believe im doing this for Chris the man in my dreams a thug a playa what am i doing?



i like it

i like it