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- My Mistake`

"Dad ? youuu homee ? "
I asked as i lay my bag down on the floor .
hmm i quess not. I walked upstairs
to my room and laid on my bed. Thoughts of
the day filled my mindd. Boy , was school borinqq.


i looked at my phonee as it kept vibratinqq.
Starinq at it before i picked it up.
Dreadinq on who it was , because i already knew.
I scratched the back of my neck beforee retrievinq it of the bed

"I thouqht i told you to be here after school Camren?.! Dont Fckinq Play With Mee trick ! ."

My heart fell into my stomachh.
i knew who it wass. Dare i even respond ?
No , NO. ! Just set it down and he will go away.
He will . He`ll think somethinq wronq with my phone
or i didnt get the message , somethinq.

My heart Dropped .
"Camren i will fcckinnn come over there ! . btch you have 5 minutes to qet the fck over here before i tell your daddy that his "little anqel" isnt the virqin he thinks she is. "

"Fckn a**hole ! "
i yelled beforee hoppinq off my bed to put on my shoes.
why mee ? what did i do to deserve thiss ? !
I walked down the steps and across the street.
I knew i wasnt qoin to like what was about to happen.
How did everythinq even end up this way. I remember.
My 16th birthday.
"Camren come overrr ! ive qot a birthday present for you :) "
"Really , what is it christopher ?"
"You qotta come seee ! "
" lol stop playin , what it is !?"
"ok , im cominq noww. "
I ran down the steps super excited.
my best friend chris had a birthday gift for me . :)
"Cam , where you qoiinq?"
"ill be back dad , im qoin across the street "
i ran overrr into chris`s house.
"Chris ??!"
i said as i raced up the stepss .
"Chris ?"
i looked at the door knobb before turning it.
D A R K . i felt my way over to the bed and sat down.
only to sit upon a body.
"Christopherr? What The - "
Is all i could say before his toungue was down my throat.
he embraced my body and slowly laid me to the bed.
I liked it because i loved chris. I wanted to lose my virqinity by him.
I wanted him to have all of me . He pulled up my dress and down my panties.
I was W E T . Never had having this feelinq before i didnt know what to do.
I was unexperienced , but he wasnt. He pulled out a condom and opened my thighs .
I took a deep breath waitinq for the impact.
"I love you christopher brown "
i said with closed eyes.
" Ahaha , I know you do shortyy "
"HUH? C-Christian ? OMG . STOP ! "
"Na its too late for that shorty im practically in ! "
He said with a laugh before he pushed himself into me .
i said throuqh cries and wimpers .
"P-Pleasee. stoppp. christain pleasee "
'Na shortyy. Its mines Noww. "
That was the Official day i hated Christain Brown .
Thhe love of my lifes twin brother. How was i ever qoinq to qet out of this.
i thouqht before rinqinq the doorbell.
"About time you qot here ! Ive been wantinq my dicckk sucked all day "


bump to run

ruun this !

Christiaan is soo fck'd upp ! But how could Chris believe her ... i think she should just tell him .

OOOOMG! Christian and Christopher! NICE! but also sad! pooor gurl!


i say she f*** his stuff up and walk out of the room.. and let chris knw wut is really happening


HE is an azz hole azzjack d***head and some much more! he is beyond wrong and he know it! RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT!!!!

Run it

Yes , indeed he does knoww.
but he wanted to take her virqinity before chris did.

Dang shorty, Christian is f***ed up!! He know how is brother feel about her too. How could he not know? Run IT!!!

wata d***!!!! OMG!!! seriouslyy.... AARGHHHHH
LMAO!! im actually really really angry at this fool



damn thats messed up run it


I LIKEz!!!
RUN IT....

"Christian I - "
"Yeahh Yeahh "
He said before pullinq me into his housee.
I stood there awkwardly waitinq for him to tell me what to do next.
I looked aroundand saw chris sittinq on the couch.
my heart sank . To know his love was where i wanted to be at.
"Hey cam .? how are you ?"
"Im Good Chris . You ?"
"Well actually I-"
"Yeahh yeahh we dont have the timee bruh ! See Cam Here Has Some Knee Standinq to Do huh ? isnt that riqht"?
Chris looked at me with dark eyes.
i didnt know what to say .
chris knew i loved himmm.
I just cant let him know his brother raped me .
for one , he wont believe me . thats his brother .
and for two . i already lied and told him i loved christian and we qo toqether
and thats why i qave him my virqinity.
Chris washeart broken when i told him that.
He didnt talk to me for atleast 2 weeks.
"Lets qo babee ! Upstairs ! "
He said before smackinq my assx .
I coldly walked upstairs .
I could feel chris`s eyes n me the whole timee.
Once we qot into christians room he closed the door behind him
and turned around rubbinq his hands toqether and lickinq his lips.
was in pure diqust. I sat on his bed and he leaned in for a kiss.
I moved away and he looked at me like i was crazy.
"Are You Serious Btch ? You know what , you riqht. Im beinq to lovey dovey with your unappreciative ass. Fck it . Lets qet riqht down to the qet down . ON Ya Knees and suck my Shiit . "
I looked at him with pure disdane as i bit my lower lip and held a tear captive.
I sniffled and wipped my nose before i qot on my knees and undid his belt buckle :`(

this is howw i add. lol
few runs = short add
Manyy runs = lonq add

that is so f***ed up run it

lmao.. RUNN ITTT dangzzzz

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Oh dangg ! Run it ..