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♠♠♠♠}Take It or Leave It{♠♠♠♠

I'm Crystal Brown( Im 15 years old and i have 1 brother named Chris. He's a such a c**k blocker. And hes to over protective. Hes 17 and he's a hard thug who sells drugs and has s*x with ho's. I have a crush on a guy named Trey. Chris is always saying im too young and he just wants me safe. I always ignore him and do what i want. he also has anger problems he gets mad at people for no reason sometimes. He says he acts this way because of brotherly Love. Or he just has problems.......

Saturday 11:14 PM....
"Crystal wake up"
"Give me 3 more minutes please" I put my head under the pillow and he pulls down my blanket
No get up
I roll my eyes and i get up pushing him off my bed
Damn didnt have to push
Whatever i go into my bathroom and i clean up and i comb my curly hair
I get dressed in a short pink tank top showing off my belly ring and blue booty shorts
I go downstairs and i see Chris's friends downstairs watching tv
I see them all looking at me and i go in the kitchen
Chris gets off the couch and follows me
Why are you wearing that?
Cause its hot and i can
No you cant take it off
No Chris don't tell me what to do
I reach for the cereal on the fridge but im too short
He gives me the cereal and slams it on the counter
There shortie he smiles and goes back in the living room
I roll my eyes and i get the bowl and pur the cereal with milk
When i start eating the doorbell rings
I get up to get it and it's Trey
Hi Trey i say while twirling my hair
Hey Crystal Chris here?
I look back and I see Chris giving me a mean look
No hes not here ill tell him you came when he comes
OK bye
I close the door behind me and Chris gets up
Yo why the hell did you say i wasn't here
Cause what
You should answered the door i say while sashaying my hips going to the kitchen
You are such a b*tch
I eat my cereal and I finish.
I see that all of his friends are gone and Chris was smoking some sh*t that stinks
What the hell is that? I fan it away with my hands
He turns around and gets up
He goes to his room leaving me at thee same spot
I walk outside to my friends house next door
I knock on the door and her annoying 13 year old brother answers the door
Hey baby you looking fine He touches my ass and i push him
Touch my ass again and your gonna be missing a braid
He walks away and i go inside
I hear I wanna F*ck you by Akon playing from upstairs
I go into Keke's room and she was grinding on some guy
Oh hi C
I see your busy i say smiling
Oh no no this is Tyrone my boyfriend
I know
Bye ty She kisses him and he leaves
She sits on her bed and turns off the radio
Whats up
Chris is being a b*tch again
What he do
Trey came right and i said Chris wasnt there so he come all up on me and then Chris was like take off my clothes
Well that oufit you wearing is kinda slutty
Oh common shorts and a tank
She shakes her head and I sit next to her
So you still going to the party tommorow
Only if Chris doesnt see me going
Chris be trippin sometimes you can go to a party for atleast once
She looks at her phone and she pouts
I have to pick up my sister from her friends house
See you tommorow
I go out her house and when i go in my house my mom was talking to chris
I sneak to the stairs and i listen
You wanna go to a party tommorow?
Yeah momma nothin gon happen
Fine but i dont want you with no ho's ok
Yeah yeah he walks away and goes to the stairs
I run up stairs and i go in my room
I get my laptop and i go on my bed
I play games on it then in a few minutes i hear silent groaning
What the hell
I put down my laptop and i hear it again from Chris's room
I tip toe out my room and i peak in his room
He was jerking off to a playboy magazine
He looks up at me and covers up his d*ck
Well i was seeing what was making that noise but i guess you was wanking off!!!
Can you get out
You just scarred me for life ugh!!
I run out his room and i went in my bed
I feel sick now
I called Keke and she answered
I jsut saw Chris's d*ck
What!? How
He was masturbating and i saw him
Oooo how his d*ck look
Ew Keke!
Sorry just a question but can you tell me if it was big or small
I sigh and i shudder
it was huge
Mhmmm ok thank you now i got a good image Remind me to f*ck your brother
I roll my eyes and I close my phone
I close my eyes and i shudder again
Sh*t now Keke got me thinkin bout it
I fall asleep without even knowing
Stoppp!!!! Chris!!!
I saw a girl but i couldn't recognize who it was but she was getting raped by Chris and she was bleeding
Common baby you know you want me stop fighting it
No no no!! Get off me!
He stuck his entire d*ck inside of her and she screamed
He punded her harder and harder and faster every time
She was bleeding and crying
He kissed her neck and was giving her a hickie
He turned her around and put his d*ck in her anal
He went faster and blood was all on the bed sheet
He pulled out her and went ontop of her again then started going even faster and the bed was moving
Mhmmmm he groaned and cummed in her
She got off the bed and fell
He got off the bed and slapped her
Then he kicked her
She got up and ran but he punched her and her head hit up in the wall and she got knocked out
Then he opened the door and he went in my room
I was laying on the bed but i couldn't control my self
He stared at me and i was naked on my bed sleeping
He came towards me slowly and came on top of me
He kissed me on the lips and then licked my breast then came off me and left the room and shut
What is wrong with you
I get up and Chris is standing and my door with one eyebrow raised
He rolls his eyes and leaves
I wipe the sweat off my head and i shake my head
Weird ass dream I shrug and I go back to sleep.......