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The fact that chris is famous alot of ppl show themselves as a bad comeoff wen they sho their appriciation to him...i feel like chris brown has a really unique personality about himself,im 17 and i hang around alot of ppl who sho their love tourse him,especially at school,its as simple as me wearing his concert shirt and and ect and getting so many compliments and its like receiving his fan mail, its amazing but it makes me jealous lol but still im glad that he has alot of people who appriciate him realli i do, and like today my god father was on the fone with my moms and i jux gt hme frum skool and he was like that he plays basketball with chrisbrown and his friend over in Tappahannock virginia because he lives in va,and im still doubting that but the fact that you could be so close to such an idol its madd coo no doubt!! lol but im moving back to va in dec and im realli glad because i miss my hometown...LOVE YALL IN THE 804! RICHMOND#1 ALL DAII,BUT ALSO THAT HAMPTON VA,NEWPORTNEWS AKA BAD NEWS LOL, & LAST BT NOT LEAST PetersburgVA! HOLLAH ATCHA GURL*