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○○I Dont Need You○○

<a href="">I</a> walked to my apartment and wiped some tears. I was so mad that my best friend was leaving me. I needed him in my life its like I couldnt survive without him. We were friends from diapers. Now hes moving to New York. I reached and went to my floor and unlocked it. My mom was on the couch smoking and drinking. When she saw me she rolled her eyes.
Hi Ma
How was school she said in a attidue
It was good but Chris is leaving
Oh that lil nerd so
Hes not a nerd.... Just real smart
Say what chu want but that nigga is a straight down NERD.
I felt my eyes swollen so I ran to my room and locked it. I turned on the tv and called Chris.
Hello? He asked from the other line. He was breathing hard so I knew he was jacking off
Wassup Chris what you doing?
Uhh... Um N-nothing.
Ok I smiled and rolled over.
Im gonna miss you so much Chrissy Poo
Me too I need to ask you something
Uhuh go
Well.... I ignored him and looked at the tv. Then I started laughing
So will you?
Will I what
Were you even listening to me?
Im so sorry it was just this comercial came on and some big ass rock fell on this nigga. And he had cheerios them police people took dat sh*t and left him.
Forget it J
What Chris tell me I felt bad that I wasnt listening but he sighed and I heard him sniffle
Whats wrong?
I like you ok. I always liked you but you never even think about me like that. You was always the popular girl and you hanged out with me. ME! All I asked was if you wanted to go out if I ever come back here.
Oh my g-
I dont even care anymore. You have your great boyfriend. Bye Janelle
Wait Ch-. He hanged up leaving me mad with myself. I dialed him back and it rang like 12 times
Ay dont give me attitude I was trying to apologize but forget you Chris I never liked you I just been faking it so you don't kill ya self but oh well enjoy new york nigga! I hang up and throw my phone.
Chris Pov
I felt my heart being ripped and ripped every moment she said that. All this time she never really like me. I chuckled and shook my head. Im gonna change.....
5 years Later.......
I drove until I reached my house. I unlocked the door and once I got in my puppy jumped around and barked.
Whats wrong Princess?
She barked some more and ran up the stairs. I followed and my door was cracked. I heard another dog barking and it creeped me out. I tip toed to my room and peeked in. When I looked in everything in my body dropped. Even me.......


☻☻☻☻Chapter 2☻☻☻☻
I woke up to someone tapping me hard. I open my eyes and see my Bff Kassie on my bed with her phone out smiling hard. Why you cheesing so hard K?
You do know Chris is here right?
Yeah he came yesterday
He still look nerdy
No way nigga is sexy as hell
Yeah rightt I gotta see my self
Ok .
Oh yeah so um Trey is harassing me like saying hes gonna get you back for hanging up on him
So I dont care he aint gon do nothing
AND!! Guess who else is back!?
I do-
Wow I dot care can i sleep now
What you mean you dont care you used to have a huge crush on him
And that was when we were 12
Good that mean i can have him
Iight! could you go please
Whateva she gets up and walks out.
I go back to sleep but I get distracted again by a tapping
Kassie go home!
Um ok?
Oh Chris hi I thought you were so-
Baby I have a appointment could you hurry up!
He ignored her and looked at me.
Rhianna go in the
No I aint going in that car with the dog!
Her name is diamond and you going in there
Rhianna imma tell you one more time get in the car
Nigga you don't tell me what to do im RHIANNA!
BOOM SLAP!! He ran to her and slapped that b*tch so hard.
Owh! She started to cry and he glared at her
What the hell I tell you
Shut the f*ck u-
He grabbed her by her shirt and threw her down the stairs then it was silent. Then I heard stuff crashing so I ran downstairs. He was punching her and slapping her.
Omg I ran to Chris and stated pulling him away from her. He pushed me and punched me in the face. I Fell and hit my head up on the stair. I started to feel blood rush out my head as Chris fell to my side...

Dream* Flashback*
He stared at me with evil eyes as I sat down next to Micheal. Hi Micheal. Hey babe. he was about to kiss my cheek until Chris stopped him and tapped me. You got a pen? Ask someone else. Nah they aint got pens I want one from you. No! B*tCH JUST GIVE ME A DAMN PEN! NO!He grabs me by hair and almost tears it out. Yo let go of her. Micheal tries to release his grip but Chris squeezes tighter. A devious smile comes on his face and he puts one hand on boobs. GET OFF OF ME!!SHUT THE HELL UP. Micheal punches Chris and he gets back up and stabs him in the arm with a knife he had in his pocket. MICHEAL!!!He falls to the floor and everyone crowds around him. SOMEONE HELP HIM!! Chris picks me up and drags me to the boys bathroom. He puts me in a stall and locks it. You want Tyga b*tch!? Yeah I like him!!Well you gonna want me after this. HUNH!? He pulls down his pants and goes in between my legs. he starts to kiss my neck and I cry. Chrisss Stop please!! Im only 12! So. He pulls up my skirt and rips off my underwear. Why are you doing this!? He almost goes in but stops for a second. He looks down at me and and pulls up his pants and runs out. I cry harder and a guy comes in the bathroom. Hey are you ok? No I pull up my skirt and he gives me a tissue. Thanks. You welcome. Whats your name? Janelle. Im Trey....
Beep Beep Beep beep
Is she ok?
Shell be fine she will just have some sleeping spells and it will go away
Ok thank you
I open my eyes and Chris rushes to me.
Im sorry Janelle I did-
Where am I?.....

runt i like this so far its great


Lol. Run It.

****Chapter 1****
<a href=""> I</a> got back up and checked to see if <a href="">the</a> two people heard me. I got my phone out and dialed 9. But then I heard a familiar voice. Wait that cant be Chris.
Chris can we go now
Wait boo boo we gon go when she comes
Why you wanna see her anyway she aint special
I walk in and I see Chris looking at a picture of me and him that we took when we were younger.
Chris? He looked up and smiled. I looked at the girl and at him.
Hey J. He put down the picture and gave me a tight hug. I hugged him back cause I missed him.
Wait im mad at you I pull away and the girl laughs
Rejected now lets go
No Riri
Damn man calm down. He was starting to act like his father and it creeped me out
Sorry I just get mad sometime
Ok then..... Why are you here dont you live in New York?
Nah we moved to here I missed it here
Oh well here didnt miss you
Dont be like that Janelle
Be like what Chris what!?
Um Riri could you wait in the car please?
Ugh you better come when I honk. She walks out and glares at me.
Who the hell is that?
My girl
I shake my head and I sit on my bed. When I walk to it I see chris staring at my ass with his mouth open.
He snaps out his trance and sits next to me
Sorry you just so f*cking bueatiful
Wait when did you start cursing
I always used to
No you didnt you would always be like, Janelle this sh*t he- Oh my gosh Please forgive me father! Haha I laugh and he blushes.
Awh did I make you blush Boo I rub his face and he smiles wide. I see what im doing and I move my hands quick
Sorr- He cuts me off by kissing me with a passionate kiss and pulls away while biting my lip. He lets go and smiles. He gets up and walks to the door.
I guess I'll see you la- BEEPPP!!
What the f*ck Riri I'm bout to sla- Oh yeah bye he blows a kiss after me and walks out. I fall back on my bed and sigh.
My phone rings and I look at the text
T: Call me
he could just called me I rolled my eyes and called him
Hey boo
Hi Trey
I heard ya boy Chris in town
Yeah he was just at my house with some girl
Oh lil nerd got a girl?
Hes not a nerd
Why you defending the little nigga?
Cause hes my friend and maybe if you were a good boyfriend you would understand that. I hanged up on him and rolled my eyes. I went under my covers and closed my eyes...
**Dream Flashback**
Jay Jay dont talk to me like that again!!! Chris ran over to me and smacked me
Oww!! I started to cry and his faced loosened.
Im so sorry J I d- My mom and Mama Joyce saw him hit me so they ran over to me and looked at the red mark on my face.
What mama
She quieted down and Chris looked down
I'm sorry
Your ass gonna be sorry get in the car Chris
GO! He ran to the car and slammed the door
You OK baby? She touched my face and I flinched
I promise he not gonna do it again
OK but can you tell him I forgive him
She looked at me like I was crazy and sighed.
OK. But your only 8 and you might not understand why he did that but hes like his father. She started to walk away and I started to cry
Why are you crying baby?
I didn't mean it!!
What do you mean
i didn't mean to talk to him like that I broke down crying and my mom hugged me.
Its OK its OK.......

Wow she said it so harshly and eww Chris was jacking off!!

dang that was mean for her to say....but damn what happend?
RUNNNNN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ouch kind of mean 4 her 2 say it like that. And I wonder what is about 2 happen. Run it!

RUN IT!!!! =)

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sounds interstin