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○○I Dont Need You○○

<a href="">I</a> walked to my apartment and wiped some tears. I was so mad that my best friend was leaving me. I needed him in my life its like I couldnt survive without him. We were friends from diapers. Now hes moving to New York. I reached and went to my floor and unlocked it. My mom was on the couch smoking and drinking. When she saw me she rolled her eyes.
Hi Ma
How was school she said in a attidue
It was good but Chris is leaving
Oh that lil nerd so
Hes not a nerd.... Just real smart
Say what chu want but that nigga is a straight down NERD.
I felt my eyes swollen so I ran to my room and locked it. I turned on the tv and called Chris.
Hello? He asked from the other line. He was breathing hard so I knew he was jacking off
Wassup Chris what you doing?
Uhh... Um N-nothing.
Ok I smiled and rolled over.
Im gonna miss you so much Chrissy Poo
Me too I need to ask you something
Uhuh go
Well.... I ignored him and looked at the tv. Then I started laughing
So will you?
Will I what
Were you even listening to me?
Im so sorry it was just this comercial came on and some big ass rock fell on this nigga. And he had cheerios them police people took dat sh*t and left him.
Forget it J
What Chris tell me I felt bad that I wasnt listening but he sighed and I heard him sniffle
Whats wrong?
I like you ok. I always liked you but you never even think about me like that. You was always the popular girl and you hanged out with me. ME! All I asked was if you wanted to go out if I ever come back here.
Oh my g-
I dont even care anymore. You have your great boyfriend. Bye Janelle
Wait Ch-. He hanged up leaving me mad with myself. I dialed him back and it rang like 12 times
Ay dont give me attitude I was trying to apologize but forget you Chris I never liked you I just been faking it so you don't kill ya self but oh well enjoy new york nigga! I hang up and throw my phone.
Chris Pov
I felt my heart being ripped and ripped every moment she said that. All this time she never really like me. I chuckled and shook my head. Im gonna change.....
5 years Later.......
I drove until I reached my house. I unlocked the door and once I got in my puppy jumped around and barked.
Whats wrong Princess?
She barked some more and ran up the stairs. I followed and my door was cracked. I heard another dog barking and it creeped me out. I tip toed to my room and peeked in. When I looked in everything in my body dropped. Even me.......