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Pandora jewelry is high-profile

At the beginning of spring, CCTV - 2 fortune story "column to Pandora, group (China) limited company, the <a href="">pandora charms online</a> company board chairman of the legendary stories" diamond film, special network in "and" theme publicity series lead.
"Pandora diamond bead with a minimum of volume has the maximum value." Is right, the symbol of wealth and <a href="">pandora charms 2010</a> perfect love, most people have the luxury of a real Pandora diamond. But in Pandora the traditional gem Pandora ring inside a decade, but the two diamonds as subversives, he is the diamond as popular commodity. And in 45 years old, he started by relying on the net, the jewelry was China's largest production base of Shenzhen jewelry industry, the complete meticulously, domestic first-class supply Pandora chain management system substantially reduced enterprise operating costs. The same quality and the price auger adorn article only half of the <a href="">pandora silver charms</a> market. Relying on the foreseeable profitability and innovation mode successfully created a "network diamond first brand".
According to the introduction, two carat diamond in a shop, the sales of its price in 25 million above, if is in direct experience in office, shop around 15 million Yuan, so if it is in Pandora diamond search engine inside buy this diamond, it will probably be in the price of around 100,000.
In the "Pandora diamond arrest" program, to ordinary unravel the mystery of the empire of diamond, the manager <a href="">pandora rings</a> tells people, and you can also be reasonable price with the diamond. He created by the BBC mode: "enterprise (off) + Bank (soul) +" products will be sold to customers (the Customer). Namely, in Pandora jewelry sale by industrial and commercial bank of China, China merchants bank provide interest-free installments with poundage. In the online payment add bank credit guarantee link, which solves the problem of virtual network economy is the sincerity, as China's e-commerce explored a new road.
In the global financial crisis, the traditional jewelry industry is very big impact, but he is under the leadership of <a href="">pandora wholesale</a> the city of Pandora jewellery, inverse, constantly creates commercial miracle, and compared with the same period in 2008, the year sales have risen 3 times. Therefore obtains national and shenzhen government's vigorously support and special praise. And many honors, not only by Forbes magazine March 2007 and 2008 for tracking reports October, also be state development and reform commission named "2008 China Pandora diamond sales network and China" leaders "reform".
According to Chinese gems <a href="">pandoras</a> association estimates that the 2008 China online diamonds trading about 10 million Yuan, is expected to 2009 volume doubling might. And Pandora, similar to that of the enterprise Pandora jewelry sales will reach B2C 5 million Yuan.
Nye points out, because the diamond has strict 4C carnelians (weight, cutting, color, clarity, etc), very suitable for 4C online sales. Especially in the present economic situations, the downside of consumer prices will be more sensitive, more rational consumption, the "machine" financial crisis of e-commerce development of diamond is. Pandora ornaments will insist <a href="">pandora</a> on pure e-commerce route, establish brand image, achieves the maximum benefit to the people, to social innovation wealth but also to the maximum benefits to consumers.
As the host Wang in last comment, "read the story Pandora, it is said that mysterious Pandora jewelry can bring people good luck and new hope, sometimes I asked myself, if one day I 45, whether <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> I have the courage to himself alone, whether from the failure and the strength to stand up in the world. Diamonds are the hardest substance, I think maybe in long-term and Diamond Company’s sake, people can be even stronger."