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Supernatural-I Was Mistaken!

I was hesitant to say the least, when I started watching Supernatrual. I do not think that writers can still be created, and they had season 4 I'm proud to say that I was wrong. Do not just make me want to write the next episode was right at hand, but how they put the story touches the previous episodes of each season has been impressive. I found myself re-trace the footsteps of characters in different periods of 1-4 to discover their true intentions. I do not know if I would recommend this to those who have seen the first four seasons. Writing is a great and interesting, but if you saw the whole story-arch, you will understand the character's motivations and intentions of authors more. I should also add a note on the last episode, Swan Song. Creator Eric Kripke wrote that his last episode (it will not be responsible for the series next year). To see what I can say that it has decided that Supernatural was his masterpiece, and it did not disappoint. Congratulations to Eric Kripke and good luck to Ms. Gamble, who is supported next year!

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