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Although many of you watched the award show last night and found out that Usher took home the award for Favorite R&B/Soul Male, we revealed information which indicates that Chris Brown was the actual winner of the award but because he did not show up at the award ceremony he was not declared the winner. We want to find out who the real winner of the award was and if it was Chris, why was his name not called out and why were the thousands of votes we cast ignored? If you can, please do the following.

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That awards show was shady but its ok there are plenty other awards show where Chris can win an award.

thts not fair i knew there was something up with tht because there is no way tht usher out of all people beat trey songz and chris brown combined escpeically when he hasnt came out with any song in the past months plus usher is so old school most people these day like chris brown and trey songz i knew something was up i remeber saying yesterday when they announced the winner i was like "WHAT! USHER?! THEY NEED TO RECOUNT THEIR VOTES" lol i cnt believe this reallt happened tho chris deserves tht award nd i hate the fact tht he wasnt there cuz i know he would have came if tht ugly rihanna wasnt there uggg she disgust me but anyway is there anything we can do about this so tht he can get the award tht he deserves? and chris if your reading this i luv u boo im like ur buggest fan ever no lie you can ask me ANY question about yourself and i garuntee i can answer it :)