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Bears' defense had an answer for Eagles' Vick

Right before Chris Harris changed the game for good, the little voice inside his head told him to be alert. A tip was coming, and the ball was heading straight for him.<a href=>nfl jerseys</a>

So when Harris saw his teammate, defensive end Chicago Bears Tommie Harris, Michael Vick deflect a pass from Jeremy Maclin, he knew that the ball fell into his hands. Chris Harris bolted from the end zone, returning the interception 37 yards and set up a touchdown Bears, causing a surge of 14 points Eagles could not overcome. <a href=>kobe bryant jerseys</a>

"Hey, it was fun," Harris said after Chicago beat the Eagles, 31 -26. "We knew we definitely need to get revenue, and that he had not thrown an interception throughout season, so we were lucky. "

The Bears were better than chance. They were good and they won because they were the first team all season to see Michael Vick puzzle. Chicago's defense relied on a game plan that called to be faithful to oneself. Playing a dedicated cover 2, Bears forced Vick to throw and spent a running back number to keep in the pocket and limit the dynamic player, as he and the Eagles have been known. <a href=>michael vick jerseys</a>

The front of the playbook for the defensive linemen said, "4=1," meaning four linemen working together equals one goal, a win. And so it was.

The generally agreed-upon book on the lefthanded Vick is this: Don't let him roll to his left. Don't let him stand all day in the pocket, and make him run to his right because he understandably doesn't like to throw downfield from his right.

"You try to stay to that game plan, and you'll have a chance," Chicago defensive end Julius Peppers said. <a href=>peyton manning jerseys</a>

But the Bears did more than that. They decided to pick their poison with Vick and try to eliminate his run game by containing him in the pocket with rushers from the edge. They wanted to force Vick to be a pocket passer and then rely on their defensive backs to cover.

They have launched a number of players to run for him cornerback DJ Moore, who was the backfield several plays. When the Eagles often using Brent Celek Clay Harbor, and as antagonists, worked with the Chicago defensive end Israel Idonije and Anthony Adams addresses the nose and Henry Melton, through the interior of the Eagles offensive line. <a href=>brett favre jerseys</a>

The result was four sacks for the Bears defense is not known and playmaker. They also have limited Vick's 44-meter race of nine position, the longest of which went to 11 meters.

"She is electric," said Peppers. "When I starts shaking and baking, you continue to run the ball. Do not let him take the field open. I think we did good work, even today, to keep in your pocket and not let it go in the open field where the boys have to do one-on-one tackles."


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