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Swarovski Hong Kong company business director---- Sandra

She is Swarovski China female---- Sandra --. She keeps a crisp bangle, but she likes wearing exaggeration and dazing Swarovski jewelry ring, The university of reading is rigorous mathematical <a href="">swarovski pendant</a> sciences, has become the palm, luxury perceptual fashion a "rock" why can sell so price? She does business?
Sandra has contradiction collision, Sandra from lightsome <a href="">swarovski ring holder</a> delicately, but in quick and efficient for Hong Kong grow up.
Why infatuated with crystal? "Crystal can be fun and very flexible, with silver and gold and diamond is completely <a href="">swarovski pendant heart</a> different. Diamonds and Swarovski crystals are very expensive, must consider the value of traditional style, simple and might; and the silver and the gold, also can make money itself will have some of the ideas in; and crystal will need not consider value, or to take in the future when walking around <a href="">swarovski pendant shapes</a> in money, Sandra" change exposed a nifty smile, "it is another level of life, hope oneself mood, looks beautiful. It is not used in safe-deposit box, but to express myself."
As Swarovski crystal products trade Co., LTD, Shanghai, executive director of the department, crystal is perhaps <a href="">swarovski pendants uk</a> a legendary: with the growth rate of 50% year turnover in China is already the first eight years keep this amazing digital means it has been active in domestic fashion industry forefront, But as Swarovski UK crystal, Sandra is that crystal this world language means of pure joy.
Sandra is a bit of a lady in the hair, until she showed his die-hard Fans Vivian Westwood is only a bit, to understand <a href="">swarovski heart pendant</a> why, elegant style clothes are full of feminine woman could have such a neutral hairstyle.
Tidy my impression of her fragments: who grew up in Hong Kong, reading from other disciplines, love reading, for business travel all <a href="">swarovski pendant beads</a> the way, she has an electronic crystal phase plane -- there is made according to the beautiful scenery and a smile as sunny as his husband. The office of the luxury impression is only the downtown high-rise luxurious <a href="">swarovski pendant light</a> landscape, and the windowsill delicate Swarovski crystals wholesale crystal furnishing articles.
Sandra likes collecting crystals are known. "The flower and bird is my favorite collection, and from the hand of stylist of different <a href="">swarovski</a> colored glaze in Europe and see the beautiful antique Swarovski crystals sale crystal cup dish, I will buy it." This means the collar and Sandra between wearing a set <a href="">swarovski crystals</a> of crystal butterfly; she smiled, as this season popular crystal butterfly, the jewelry company library is inexhaustible treasure.
Swarovski jewellry for the rapid growth in Chinese market, Sandra also feel surprised. "Usually begin in other regions have 80-100% of the annual growth, then gradually becomes 30-40%, is healthy, but every <a href="">swarovski jewelry</a> year in Chinese Swarovski crystal chain growth unexpectedly reached 50%, it is the fastest. Sandra but also explained the crystal in China's development advantage: "because in traditional Chinese culture, crystal is rich, which is <a href="">swarovski earrings</a> why they will put in crystal. Like spreading light material is common humanity, this also is the nature of crystal can become a world language?"
As the rapid development of domestic luxury goods market, Sandra's attitude is step-by-step consumption patterns, hope can <a href="">swarovski sale</a> slowly mature. "The luxury Swarovski crystals market development can be divided into five stages: the Asian market, now, all belong to the first stage in India on a luxury Swarovski crystal necklace, but don't know how to consume; the <a href="">swarovski wholesale</a> second stage in mainland China, began as current consumption, take up the market; the third stage as China Taiwan, have consumer taste; the fourth stage of Hong Kong, China, almost like a famous people; finally, the <a href="">swarovski uk</a> stage like Japan, consumer is more exquisite, brand connotation, design and material.