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ℓεттεя тσ мy sση : α cняιs вяσωη тαℓε

ı grabbed the earphones off the mic, and signal wayne to turn the volumne all the way, I had so much anger and shyt that I wanted to get off my chest about my baby momma, I was feed up with the bullshyt I just needed to vent fast, soon as I stepped foot in the studio I headed straight to booth.

<strong>"please! no pity for a g,
though i gotta son that i barely get to see,
i see him for an hour, after that he got to leave. <strong>

<strong>on top of that i only get to see him once a week .
yeah,... right,..... lucky me.
well fuk corporate pope and whoever disagree.
i learned a valuable lesson indeed,
but i'm just tryna be the best father i can be.<strong>

<strong>apparently i’m an unfit father,
because all i know is dope and all i got is dirty dollars.
but i’m selling dope to help my family get farther
cause no 9 to 5 is gone prevent us from starving.<strong>

<strong>i’m sorry jalen i don't get to see u like i want to;
i just want to let u know i want to<strong>
if the court grant me visitation then i’m going to,
but you too young to understand what we going thru<strong>

<strong>and your momma lowdown,
she just doing everything to hurt me right now.
because i don’t love her like i use to,
so to get back at me
she know she got to use you.
and i don't know what else ….to do,
she don’t understand that this shyt will bruise u too.
and now i gotta take the bytch to court,
so either way.......
it’s a lose, lose.<strong>

<strong>i tried talking to the bytch,
but she keep using you as a bargain & ship,
and i am not the one to be barging with,
that just make me want to go and put my paws on that bytch.
i swear this shyt aint even right bruh,
i aint even gotta chance to change your fuking diaper.
this is what i get for going raw when i piped her,
thinking that i loved her when i shouldn’t even liked her. <strong>

<strong>but i do not regret my child,
stupid bytch i just want to see my child,
do what u may, but u will never make me bow,
fuk child support bytch take me to trial,
why u with the shyt cause i aint read you no vows,<strong>

<strong>bytch move on me and u aint working out,
so what it matter if i moved or work out.
long as i provide and put food in his mouth,
<strong>matter fact i’m in school right now,
case the music don’t work and i can put the work down,
my momma say this shyt sure to work out,
all the bullshyt i’m going thru to see my first child,<strong>

<strong>see his first steps,
see his first smile,
hear his first words,
teach him how to count,
but i guess i been counted out,
seeing as the bytch don’t won’t me around,
when i speak to him, he don’t recognize the sound,
the sound of my voice, so he just looks around i know she enjoys,
so i suck it up and smile
but fuk the stupid bytch i just want to see my child …
said i just want to see my child<strong>

<strong>i just want to see my child,stupid bytch i hope u fukin proud."<strong>


this is good! RUN IT!!!!!!!!!

"Hold up, I ain't say nun about hooking yall up, I just wanted her to talk too you, i'm just giving her a feel of how we do it out here, she just moved here like 3 months ago from Phoenix, and just started working here about 5 weeks ago, and i'm tryna be a good samaritan ya know." G started running off at the mouth."Good, samartian my ass" I smirked.
Y/n appeared from behind the counter, with a glass of water. "You know im going to Miami tomorrow,right?" I looked over a Gina, hoping Y/n overheard our conversation. I watched her sit the glass on the table, and a basket of warm Hawaiian Bread. Instead of her returning to the kitchen, she took a seat next to Gina and began texting on her phone, every now and then we would make eye contact while me and gina caught up on old times, but then everything would get all arkward.

"BEEP, BEEP!!" A car horned blured from the parking lot, Gina jumped up snatched off her apron and scrolled to the back, returning with a big Gucci purse, replacing her earrings in her ear. "Where you going with that knockoff Cuchie bag?" I joked as y/n laughed "More like duffle bag" Y/n chirped in, as we both laughed. "Grr Fuk the both of you!" She mouthed "I'm off whores!" She leaned over and hugged me, "Have fun with yo Man'mi..i mean in Miami" she retorted and laughed. As her and y/n exchanged fake smoochies and a hug. "Chris you bettah take care of my b****, an y/n rule #1 we don't fuk on the first night." She warned giggling to herself as she exited the double doors.

Reader Note - Sike, that really didn't happen..this is what really happen.

Y/n approached us with a mean switch, a notepad and a pen."May I please take your order?" She asked throwing me off, I mean one minute she seem so ghetto fabbed up, like bamboo earrings, and wal-mart lip gloss. & Now she approach a nicca saying "May I" and "Please." As if to say she got manners ,how often do you run into that on the streets. "Uhmm yeahh, can i get some water and what kinda barbeque sandwiches do you guys serve?" I asked, not as hungry as I was.

"Uhm" she looked around as she contuined. "Well I can get you a couple samples, if u like, since it's late and we getting ready to close." She responded. "What time yall close?" I looked over at Gina. "Idk!" She looked over at Y/n "I always leave around this time anyways, so I wudn't know." She stated strongly. "We close at 12." Y/n interjected.
"Well instead of samples, bring me your recommendment." I figured, as she scribble on her notepad. "Would that be all sir?" She questioned. "Yes", I looked up into her eyes.

We locked eyes for a minute, and then Gina let out a cough, as ole girl walked to the back. "Damn you tryna fuk her or sum?" Gina asked rudely. "Nawl, Why?" I responded defensively. "Because, that's my girl, and it ain't happening with her, I look out for that one, fuk the rest of them hoes, i refuse to let her become one of your lil experiments." Gina stated defensively as she rolled her eyes and contuined, "Plus you know how you and devin and the crew fuk around, and get down." I smiled hard and replied, "Experiment?..and how exactly do we get down?, G you was jus gon hook a nicca up, now you dun hit a nicca with sum bipolar shyt!"

Aweeeee he giggled lol. So cute

Run it(:

"Ay yo Gina, What the fuk you doing Getcha ass over here, it ain't break time!" We both shot our heads up at the female's voice. "Y/n why you trippen, girl this my homeboy, i'm just catching up remember when I was telling you about Devin & Chris?" Gina explained. As the female ignored Gina's question and rolled her eyes. I couldn't stop staring at her, she was thick ass fuk, and wearing that apron, rocking a beautiful face, although I could see maybe one or two lil bumps, she still was flawless in my eyes.

She smirked, and start popping her gum. I looked down at the table and rubbed the back of my neck. I felt Gina staring at me as I twisted the 12 carat diamond stud in my ear. "Why, you getting nervous all of a sudden." A grinning Gina asked. "Whatchu mean?" I smiled tryna calm my butterflies. "Yo Y/n, come take my boy order." She smiled at me. I giggled and looked back down at the table. Y/n approached us with a pad and pen.

"Can I take your order?" She asked annoyed. "Uhmm yeahh, can i get some water?" I asked." & your number to go?"

lol im thinkin of this story as I go..I dont really have an exact plan so it's just as much of an surprise to me as it is to u my readers tryna think

too short lol. ; (
but it's a good start.

runnnn. <3

I looked down at my <a href="**http%3a//"> Motorola droid</a> . "It's 11:30, and as much as i love the offer, im finna be on my way, got a early morning tomorrow ,you know im going out to miami." I looked back up at him. "Well im finna be out then bruh,bruh, call me when u get in and let me kno you made it to the crib safe." Don shook my hand and we both went opposite ways. I walked down mclemore, on the south side of memphis. My hand searched the 9mm on my waist to make sure it was lock and loaded. I felt a warm doze of air followed by a smell of bar-beque. I looked up, and there on the corner sat nellis's barbeque. I felt my stomach growl, as I walked across the street unto the restaurant's lot.

I sat down in a empty booth and let my eyes wonder the colorful red and yellow walls. It instantly reminded me of jalen, I won't even be able to teach my baby boy he's colors. I thought as I shook my head. "Yo chris!" someone called out. I shot my head around to see who had called my name, a girl wearing an apron, appeared i recognized <a href="">Gina</a>. I smiled as she approached me, "What's up homie", she said as we exchanged hugs. "You already know, out here on my grind." I assured her. "What about the baby?" she flashed a pearly white smile, that i couldn't resist. "He good." i lied. "Mhmm, what about devin?" she threw in that question,I laughed. "Oh you still got taste for my bro's d***." I teased. "It ain't even like that" she quickly stated. "You still love him?" I asked outta curiousity, after all they were the closest family i had until they broke up.

"Yeah, i miss him" she looked down as she admitted. I gave her sympathetic eyes."Look, imma give you his number, you should call him,im sure he miss you too." I grabbed the droid outta my pocket, and my fingers searched devin's number. "He misses you." I assured her as she took out here razor, and debated on accepting the number or not.

Yo Im feeling it. Run it.

Wow, so the rap was dope. Is that you girl? Lol Nahh, but really it was a good start to what seems to be a good story.
Run it

I walked outside, and met up with don and a couple of niccas from the blackout squad. "That flow went hard, as fuk." He dapped my knuckles, giving me a pound. I shrugged "I'm so tired of <a href=" ">Onika</a>, she on some real bytch shyt, trying put a nicca on child support and shyt, damn I just want my son, I went over there early today, she ain't even want to leave him in the same room as me, by his self, the hoe watching me like a hawk."

I rubbed my temple. <a href="**http%3a//">Don</a> nodded as if he knew exactly how I was feeling. "So uhmm we hitting up the strip club, you rolling or what? it's gon keep yo mind off on that bytch." he assured. A bit annoyed after, I had just explained how im feeling an he still had the audacity to ask me about going out tonight.

i like where this seems to be going. : )

Damn thats wow thats from the heart i like it

Run it