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HOT TOPIC: Time for MLB to step in and take the McCourt Dodgers

We have a winner!

OK, not really. Unfortunately, perhaps the only outward and one winner. <a href=>cheap authentic nfl jerseys</a>

These legal cases is a way of earning one's life, especially when nearly a billion dollars is at stake, which can give new life to one of the true hope: Major League Baseball, the Dodgers once played. remains highly unlikely that Commissioner Bud Selig history of dynamic leadership - huddle and gain consensus on, please? - But if it is built.<a href=>nfl jerseys throwback classic</a>

We now know that the decision Tuesday is a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon to get rid of the 2004 marriage contract, which remains the only Dodgers owner Frank McCourt.

As of today, it's Frank and Jamie McCourt, back together again. At least as legal owners of the team.<a href=>mlb jerseys</a>

Frank, naturally, is not going to roll over so easily. He was planning his next legal attack long before Gordon's ruling came down.

That Gordon would side with Jamie can't be too shocking for anyone who's spent their life in community-property California <a href=>nba jerseys</a> . Even if there weren't three documents that said one thing, and three the other, the state has a long history of equal financial treatment for each spouse in divorce proceedings.

Now, if you have faith that the McCourts have lost all credibility and should sell the team, could be the hope that this solution is to force them to do so. <a href=>nhl jerseys</a>

You can also cross your fingers and Wish Upon a Star, and hope Santa Claus brings a private island in the South Pacific.