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Swarovski——Silly Boy and Silly Love

A stupid boy, don't know what is love, but he is like a girl, he do not know what love is. But he knows how to go to the girl. The girl has a <a href="">swarovski rings engagement</a> boyfriend, she didn't refuse to her good boy, and she felt the boy always silly, silly smiling, silly...
But the silly to her good let her not to read. Boys are to girls every detail of very good care. I think you can buy a Swarovski pendant & earrings <a href="">swarovski ring pattern</a> brilliance set. Finally the girl with her boyfriend and that silly boy go together. The boy was not soon fallen in love with the girl. He humored girl, what all inclusive. You will get a business of Swarovski pendants wholesale. If the girl made every <a href="">swarovski pendant</a> man cannot accept, boys are silly smile, looked at the girl, but the tears in eyes overflow. But he is still smile.
He smiled to understand what the most painful cry is. Evening, he was alone in the bedroom, he cried all night on whether to this <a href="">swarovski ring holder</a> relationship should finish. However, he has been without her. The next day, boys to girls have made no mention of the mistakes.
See the girl's first, he took bread, milk, carrying on the girl silly still smile. The girl finally let the boy in his heart have a <a href="">swarovski pendant heart</a> position of Swarovski crystals wholesale. Perhaps it is only ten percent. But the boy still happy, although only this small ten percent.
The boy to make her happy with Swarovski pendant light, still everything, even if the girl humored her with her ex-boyfriend <a href="">swarovski</a> eat together, shopping, plays the computer, the boy is still on the girl silly smile, perhaps the girl never considered the boy. Maybe the boy now know how to love, he thought of infinite tolerance is love.
The boy is not at fault, her temper, a boy <a href="">swarovski crystals</a> did not say, she play boy, the boy is still silly smile, because he felt that she loses her temper the loveliest Swarovski pendants uk. You can buy her a Swarovski pendant heart for her birthday, and then you will be very happy to see that.
Sleep at night, the girl is dishonest, always play quilt, boys to keep her, she stamped quilt, he immediately gave her <a href="">swarovski jewelry</a> to cover, the boy always will go to sleep in after midnight. Every girl away his quilt, boys often is naked Swarovski rings sale, always half asleep until morning. He wants to, rather cold, would not freeze with her.
Finally, the boy and girl also understand love him, he can't accept that. He changed. Change cannot carry her, not the <a href="">swarovski bracelet</a> silly smile, selfish. Change of terror. He learned to temper with the girl, with a girl back to the girl, and finally he was cruel Swarovski rings wholesale, leaving a girl. He thinks he has given no girl, so he left the future. He won't let anyone <a href="">swarovski rings</a> know his pain. Escape to a strange city, flee to have a world of escape, he has been living in lonely and shadows, cannot extricate oneself. He believes that there will be a better than yourself to her.
The girl's birthday is coming, although he knew her former boyfriend and reconciled. But from the other side of <a href="">swarovski necklace</a> the sea or drive back to the girl, the phone, girls are very surprised. She knew that boy still in love with her. So as before, "the boy said to me in my house after 10 minutes, if you don't wait downstairs to see me, never!!!"
The boy was open Swarovski ring pattern, the boy of his car. No lower than 1.5 along the speed. The girl finished talking with a boy <a href="">swarovski earrings</a> after she went downstairs phone him, but 10 minutes passed, he still didn't get Swarovski ring box. She picked up the phone call, for the boy.