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Open your eyes to love

When I met him I was very ugly with a links of London watch, I was playing words in front of the computer, at that I was writing a love story, a girl and a modern boy love story.That day just attended a routine physical check, I suddenly found his eyesight is close to the edge of myopia, you know I was but a little bit <a href="">links of london</a> farsightedness of ah, once so fantasy when a female pilot air. Although I dream of a star, because Conga hopes to own, but my eyes but frightfully good, I like ordinary as a vast desert of a grain of sand, say what window, then only this double as such as black pearl autumn plucking exceedingly seniti-mental eyes is my only proud, I don't want to get themselves a little myopia "become". But that stage 1990s has really display the oldest classic links of London heart necklace continuously exceed screen, which have no songs, but I <a href="">links london</a> have no choice in my purse to display the money to make it a retired. In order to avoid it continues to kill my beautiful eyes with a pair of links of London earrings (to be honest, I also played it by the eyes, solve the charm of radiant in my life, I have to?) dark glasses and my dear display and together.Tianjin is my neighbor who opens a links of London store, just moved in the opposite, and knocked on my door to borrow my pull. I wore sunglasses to he opened the door, and brought him a links of London watch to pull, holding <a href="">cheap links london</a> the computer to fight for the bread and milk; I didn't notice him when I look a bit weird.Later, Tianjin just took out a links London charms sweetie bracelet also pull me when I was wearing dark glasses to open the door, he said nothing, and took the pull to work.Tianjin third knocking at the door when I think of a fiery eyes, fortunately they hide behind Tianjin see in sunglasses, want to know what I am organized to run links of London necklaces sale , is never in my job hungry again want excuse me I can really put me for more than 20 years of uniting to force a conservation.This boy if you borrowed from me again what I <a href="">links london charms</a> will not borrow a Black Friendship Bracelet for her. I think so immediately enraged opened the door. However, this time, Tianjin hand holding the red fruits tomato: "bother you, this gift c**ktail Glass with Cherry Charm for you."I hid behind the eyes in the dark ruby in that same tomato body greedily sweeps: "I'm sorry, thanks." My voice immediately gently can bring in a dream of red mansions to grieve, her sister treasure if I was born in Jiffy, grandma's position that treasure that might. To hand over to pick the plate has come in and sit down. ","My room is small, but only a handful of computer chair, sat on <a href="">Heart Disc Charm</a> Tianjin after, I can sit beside the bed. However, I don't mind, because those sweet tomatoes let me particularly good temper. "Do you work in?" He looked at me with computer."Yes." I won't talk much, tomatoes are so tasty.Then shouldn't million to touch me not the computer to get general idea of London links jewelry , the old computer "pa" to the "shock" - "I cried, remains a jump to it. Every computer maintenance costs is 50 Yuan, I already paid for the old partner, a medical, and have a ticket to run to the people there, if it should die, so that the funeral expenses (in a new computer) I really cannot afford."Don't worry, I see." Tianjin plays computer skillfully, I repair in whispers, and Quito bless my computer back."I see this displays the changed," Tianjin said, I have put out can see <a href="">Links London Watch</a> claws, nap his two is this guy harm. "I just changed computer, the machine can monitor, give you move over there, in my place."I stayed, immediately the claws retracted, in a charming smile: "this how embarrassed.""Should I break your monitor?" Tianjin unknowingly smiles.O, my old display can finally back burner.Tianjin that the monitor when I moved to the saliva, 17 inch flat. Tianjin moved to the front of the monitor with a two chain-hooks, I put the glasses, let my nose to relax, old carrying this guy is really strange <a href="">Links London Charm</a> tired."You come and try it," Tianjin to display installed, comes back to me. His eyes suddenly, I shall see the face aglow, "you have a cat's eyes."My pleasure, change the subject: "the dark glasses with computers worldwide lest I be a person, ha."After that, Tianjin became my computer professional doctor, I know him in a computer company, computer maintenance technology level is absolutely first-class, he is my computer is healthy.The city is drifting age two young men and women, and an adjunct with like-minded, ordinarily should really be a bit what love is, however, no, that nothing happened. I know, Tianjin not my choice, a poor add poverty is poorer. Two negative necessarily positive, even if I am tired, even Tianjin very tender very loyal very <a href="">london of links</a> handsome, but he cannot support my shoulder to the future.I want the Zhen big eyes; don't pass to save my prince.During this time, I had the inscription.Ming is a cosmetics company general manager; I am in a chance to become their company a advertising model eyelash creams. Are some pictures taken with a pair of my eyes with thick lashes pictures was printed in product specifications?Know inscription very ripe. Love inscriptions, because he is also initiated a prince, talented, more important is that he is rich, when I say no shame really, money is the symbol of ability, because I have no money, love a man near a biggie, I fell in love with the inscription also love his future, this splendid without fault. Those for money, as pure girl must have experienced three consecutive months with porridge and rice, no experience Reprinted from: