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The girl looked at the boy cry, will silence

The girl is very beautiful and very considerate, occasionally play trick HuaiDianZi out something from a boy. The boy is very smart, also pandora jewelry charms very sensible, the main point. Humor can always strong. Find can get two girls <a href="">bracelet jewelry</a> laugh. Stir the optimist girl like boys, they have the mood to get good girl, boy, light, said the boy as his relatives. Boys to girls love deeply, very care about her. So whenever the fight, my boy always bad, own fault. If you really don't blame him, he says so. He didn't want to let the girl pandora jewelry sale angry, so after five years, the boy still loves the girl, like the original

Have a go at the weekend, the girl, boy was <a href="">bracelets jewellery</a> going to find a girl, but she heard something, he dropped the idea. He stayed at home for the day, pandora jewelry coupons he has no connection to the girl, he felt the girl have been busy, not bother him.

Behold, girl in a day, but still think the boy received no news of the boy, she is very angry. The night after coming home, a message to the boy, pandora jewelry box words are very heavy. Even break up. It was evening 12 o 'clock,

Boys and girls anxiously for mobile phones, played <a href="">bracelet jewellery</a> three times, to hang up the phone. Playing at home, nobody answered the telephone lines drawn guess is girl. The boy grabbed the clothes out, he will go to the girl. At that time is 12:25 and girl at 12 o 'clock and 40 received a phone call from the boy, calling, she hung up all night, no words to the girl again. The boy didn't call.

The first two days of receiving the boy, girl, pandora jewelry wholesale telephone call mother ShengLeiJuXia there. The boy had a car accident last night. Police say not nasty brake speed to a car and crashed into the big bad in halfway. An ambulance arrives, who have exhausted.

The girl to cry out, heart, but also use regretting. pandora <a href="">pandoras</a> jewelry discount She can drop from the memory of her boy to miss the joy and happiness

The girl managed car parking, came to the accident she wanted to see the boy stayed last place. Car has hit completely deformed. The steering wheel, pandora jewelry dealers dashboard, also have the boy's blood.

The boy's mother on the boy's legacy, purse, gave the girl, and the watch was stained with the blood of the boy mobile phone. The girl opened purse <a href="">pandora jewelry store</a> have a picture of her, and the most CARDS. Soak waltheof when the girl took the boy's watch, pandora jewelry store impressively detection, watch stopped at 12:35 nearby.

The girl, boy in that moment after the last bit of strength <a href="">pandora jewelry review</a> still use to call her, but she was still in a gas because no answer. Boy no strength to dial pandora jewellery sale the telephone, he twice with nostalgia for the girl and guilt

The girl never know, she said to the boy and girl: what is the last word. Don't know, than the boy, someone will love her more...
Every little lovesickness elegy, strings,

But the mood, sincerity is found 16.
Little stars pale moonlight, lonely,
With a myriad of thoughts, and the
Boudoir ACTS leave <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> rouge disconsolate flavour
Lean on window to jun to xiao, clear tears into LiChou night.
Smile, can you get?
The setting sun, people play scenes,
Yi. How happy laughter, pandora jewellery wholesale how many?

Ears tells, not separate
Wit, YinShi against wind, v. sentiment long

I don't abandon you and not pressed
Memories, the <a href="">pandora</a> wind wave

A man waiting for

Wait and YinShi past