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Swarovski——Be Your Eyes and Be My Leg

"If I see, you are my eyes; if you can't go, for I am your legs." Fifty years ago, a pair of lovers’ mutual consolation misfortune.
Then he made hard money. He must use have built good village capacious and bright, the first to win her love. In the process of <a href="">swarovski bracelet patterns</a> construction of Swarovski crystals beads, the tragedy happened, a nearly 10 meters tall stone pillars are crashing down, see a balanced to her Swarovski charm bracelet, but she was frightened. He suddenly in a blunt past tackled her to the ground. With two <a href="">swarovski bracelet wholesale</a> cries, appear in people's eyes wouldn't bet bloody scene miserable scene: her legs were smashed, and his face stone by stone hit the splash...
He woke up, her first <a href="">swarovski crystal bangle bracelet</a> sentence: "if I see, you are my eyes; if you can't go, for I am your legs..." With tears she nodded: "yeah, sure, sure."
Listen to grandmother said, marry, he is carrying her house. Although he is invisible, but still lets a person to the bride covered in red Swarovski crystal charm <a href="">swarovski bracelets</a> bracelet. His door is a small river, to let a person holding back, he never let a person lead. He said: "can you help, I can help." Hence, he cheated on her Swarovski crystal bangles, and she with his advice, slowly through the narrow width is not the rivers.
Let people admire, two <a href="">swarovski bracelet designs</a> couples living together in the past 50 years, not a fall in the river, and the river is almost every year there are dozens to slip and fall, when the water is washed, two children.
His teenage blow to a good marriage is to practice, sauna perfectly. He became a music group, and they are only half a century wedding <a href="">swarovski bracelet sales</a> not mourning. The village wedding is good and unless they will feel less happy about Swarovski pearl. But no matter where he blows with his wife, he said not to have around her eyes son of sauna. Her husband, when she was playing all sit quietly and face <a href="">swarovski bracelet charms</a> flushed. She said to her husband, you blow of those cheerful tune, how do I listen to all that is for me.
Grandchildren, they rarely travel abroad. Once, the wife fell in the hospital, children considering the cold, or father wouldn't let <a href="">swarovski bracelets for sale</a> him go to accompany. In the two days, he didn't swallow a grain of rice, his wife's hands touch said Swarovski pendant necklace, and his soul is gone.
Children to dad joked that if god gave you a chance of Swarovski crystal necklace, do you want to use eyes to see mother’s appearance? Dad said you <a href="">swarovski</a> have a few lines mother’s palms are printed in my heart. I didn't see beautiful person, you are in my heart. The best mother, I want to have your eyes, mother, eye much coveted ah, what a tenth to come. Children are also going to open a joke on Swarovski heart pendant, mother, if god gave <a href="">swarovski beads</a> you a chance, do you want to use your legs walk alone? My mother says, your father, we can walk behind me take care of each other. How, we are not together through the <a href="">swarovski earrings</a> any where you want to go? I want to have your dad's leg, just enough leg it go wandering, go not place all want to go.
You are my eyes, I am your legs. In their hearts and eyes, every day is sunny days. They walked through a <a href="">swarovski uk</a> half a century of good life of Swarovski jewellery sale. They help each other, help each other, to make up for the defect, enjoy you in a real happiness, and wrote the song of love real Swarovski crystal, a beauty for the song of life.
The couple lived in my grandmother's <a href="">swarovski wholesale</a> village, died this year. Her husband, wife goes first to look bleak murmured, "He didn't eye, to another world before?" The next day, wife, let a person then eternity.