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Present for Boyfriend

Judy is a very fickle girl and she always changes boyfriend at will. She enjoys frequently dating different men and has fun from it. Recently she just falls in love with a guy named Michael. They know each other in a <a href=>college basketball</a> game. Her new boyfriend, Michael, loves Judy very much and he usually buys flowers and gifts to please her. Judy is very happy with it and would like to send a present to her boyfriend as well. She knows that Michael likes watching
<a href=>NBA basketball games</a>and decides to send him an <a href=>NBA jersey</a>. Judy begins to go shopping and compares a lot of <a href=>NBA jersey stores</a>, but she feels all the jerseys are common, with no special features. Finally, she comes to a <a href=>NIKE NBA jersey shop</a> and the boss suggests buy a
<a href=>custom jersey </a>, “We can embroider the name and the number you want on the jersey. It will take you a little more time and money, but it is special and more memorable. I am sure your boyfriend will like it.” Judy considers for a moment and accepts the owner’s advice, “OK. But please do not embroider my boyfriend’s name on the<a href=>shirt</a>. Can you embroider ‘My one and only love’ on the shirt? That way, if we ever break up, I can use it again for my next boyfriend.”