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"тнε ρεяfεcт cняιsтмαs gιfт" cαsт cαℓℓ ☎

<strong>ησт yσυя αvεяαgε cαsтιηg<strong>

ℓιsтε∂ вεℓσω αяε ριcs σf мσ∂εℓs,
вαsε∂ ση тнε мσ∂εℓ yσυ cнσσsε яερяεsεηтs тнε яσℓε yσυ ωιℓℓ яεcειvε
fιяsт cσмε.... fιяsт sεяvε

yσυя ηαмε & мσ∂εℓs ηαмε
& нαvε тσ яυη sтσяy ∂αιℓy

-------------------------------------------------- мσ∂εℓs

<a href="">αмвεя</a> тαкεη

<a href="">∂αιsy</a> тαкεη

<a href="">ηαкιyαн</a> тαкεη

<a href="">gιηα</a> тαкεη

<a href="">sтαяя</a> тαкεη

<a href="">αямαηι</a> тαкεη


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The name is Glenna and i'll be gina! RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT BUMP IT BUMP IT

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name is naeemah and i'll be daisy


i wanna be in it to my name is Nalanie and my model name is armani


My name is Monica ill b amber
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My name's Simone and I'd like to be Nakiyah

RUN IT!!!!!!!!!

<em>αηgεℓιкα fαv cσυsιη (sтαяя) --яσввιη<em>

<strong> loud, funny, keeps a man
2nd year in college >sophomore
20 years of age
delta sigma theta
lives on campus
legit keep it real,
dislike annoying talkative people,
hate being told what to do,
don't believe in love
bad girl of the crew
loves her cousin angelika,
ɐ fighter <strong>

"Chris No! Chris stop! Where are you going! No! Don't do this to me, Chris baby I need you!.." I stood by the door yelling and crying as Chris walked back and forward carrying his things to the door.

He ignored my plead, as he continued down the hallway of our small one bedroom apartment, grabbing his last two packed suitcases. As <a href="">cαяℓ</a> helped take his belongings down the stairs.

"Baby please don't go, please don't leave me." I jumped in front of him ready to do whatever this man asked.

"Move <a href="">αηgεℓιкα</a>," is all he said & he wouldn't even give me the benefit of looking me in my eyes.

"I'll do whatever you want, bae just stay!" I gave in, although i knew exactly what Chris wanted.

"Your just saying that." He replied as he brushed right past me," & plus actions speak louder then words and I'm tired of telling yo ass that". I followed close behind him as we walked down the flight of stairs tugging at his bags!

"Chris what the hell do you want from me, just tell me and I swear i will do it!" I screamed as I looked down at him. ."You promise?" <a href="">cняιs</a> stopped in his tracks & looked up at me, I sighed and looked at Chris with tearful eyes.

"Just name it Bae?" I reached over and grab his arm causing one of his bags to drop, and slid down a couple of steps.

He pull my chin up to his face as if he was going to kiss me.."Quit your job!" He whispered as a disappointed look appeared across his face, as a confused one appeared upon mines.

"But Chris, you know I can't!" I said snatching away from him. As he let out a deep sigh.

"Chris you act like it's porn or stripping?" I through my hands up in the air, so tired of having this argument with him!

"Look at me!" He calmly dropped his other bag, and let out a deep breath before stepping to me & embracing my body.

"Angelika I love you with everything in me, past my heart, beneath my soul and I try so hard to give you the world baby anything that makes you happy & you know that." He looked down at me with tears in his eyes, as he continued "But Angelika what your doing is hurting me, and I've tried talking you and standing by you, being faithful to you by committing my time to us and being patient with you...but you don't see it."

"Baby I do see it" I whined, wrapping my arms around him, and burying my face into his chest.

" Excuse me I don't mean to break ya two love birds up," Carl interrupted as he appeared at the bottom of the steps but Chris my car is running and gas aint free."

He gently pushed me away "And im sick and tired!" Our eyes meet and I knew it was over. "Just understand Angie bay" He kissed the back of my hand." I will be here whenever you need me, but I'm not going to be here when ever you call me!" He pulled my face to him, and licked my tears then gave me one of the most passionate kisses we ever share.

& Just like that best thing that ever happened to me was gone.

I wanna be in it my name is Robbin and my models name Starr. I hope I gave you the correct info if not just let me know and I am looking forward to being in your story. Thank you