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Love’s meaning

I didn't know what love is like flowers don't know at what time I only know it open a wonderful person can make a crazy also can let a person calm I only know love a man as long as he is happy long enough love is a flowering tree just give <a href="">pandora silver necklace</a> pandora bracelets wholesale him really it is enough to make him against the cold winter and summer but sometimes he needs is not only these will hold your hand and son xielao pledge to challenge the courage to god joke for himself a selfishness maybe this is some Cupid lies

Love is two people Shared memory recall pandora bracelets charms embrace kissing smile sad look together with the number of stars would be really naughty lay in his arms, he said I love others amused me but not with him very polite scrath the my nose say fear because you happiness is good I loudly scold him stupid he wry-necked <a href="">pandora necklace discount</a> smiled if it is stupid, I would use this stupid way to love you I am uncomfortable enjoy his words that if he fell in love with someone else? "said that without hesitation, you hurriedly pull me back if I have one day really so you must prevent me or I'll regret I slow nod to if you love psychology pandora bracelets sales others I will bless" to make you happy

This isn't really Cupid lies? He rushed me to another arrow I only rely on it to the feelings of being shot I strongly retain my change myself at this <a href="">pandora pendant</a> time I realized how important he told me I was stupid clearly an enviable darned good feelings pandora bracelets discount for the others I show my selfish he is me

He still choose to leave when I speak up when it hit a sharp twist his eyes at my coming I loudly oblivious of pandora rings jewellery smiled I fear laughs at all fear "she will give you happiness?" asked the serious enough smile he said what I know she can I friendly stood up to tell him, "I love you" he looked up at me, "I love you because I only <a href="">cheapest pandora jewellery</a> have won't selfish" happiness "he is dull to looking at me, I turned to recall what" busy "I facing him said," pandora bracelets and charms it is you said to me now, I give you "I not stupid" to him so you still haven't changed a bit, "ha ha, I laugh!" I haven't changed! "you become is a smart in that way you don't love a stupid. Actually I'm like that stupid way" to <a href="">pandora sterling silver</a> ruffle eyebrows I know "two to still see not pure clear, you also not is what is" "I kissed him

Yes I can quietly away from his world can I don't I pandora bracelets retailers want to let him in to his girlfriend when I will remember my solemn he reminds me of the happy when I want him in this way: when I remember my lover is so he hurt me <a href="">pandora charm</a> I will let him remember me that life is not only my injured by a... Sometimes I would feel terrible terrible to oneself are timid can I am the injured men

I don't know what is love, I only know that <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> pandora rings jewelry he let a person get hurt me deeply I try and deduct the memory that were written in the corner of the waiting to forget the another person when it appeared again I'll forget, pandora rings for sale maybe I will remember: maybe I was the <a href="">pandora</a> only one to remember it, maybe I was the only holding it makes me sad memories don't let person

People really stupid things to himself when he lost pandora rings on line instead of harmful


only the ediots who believe in love