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Jerry is a middle school student, but like many adults, he likes <a href=> football </a> and <a href=> basketball </a> gambling very much and is good at it as well. Jerry often <a href=> watches NBA </a> and gambles on the games and scores with his classmates. The bet sometimes is a <a href=> NBA jersey </a> , occasionally basketball game ticket, but most is money. In order to prevent Jerry from gambling, his father restrictly controlls his pocket money, but has little effect. The boy is still betting everyday and even is proud of his trophies. The anxious father has no way and has to visit the principal, hoping to get help from the school. “I want you to help me stop my son gambling. I do not know where he gets it from, but it’s bet, bet, bet. It seems all his life. ”
“Leave it to me. I will correct him for you.” says the principal.
A week later, the principal gives a call to the boy’s father. “I think I have made him repented.” he says.
Hearing the words, the father seems very happy and asks “Oh, Really? It sounds great but hard to believe. Please tell me how you do that?”
“Well, yesterday I asked the boy to come to my office to have a talk. During the conversation, I saw him looking at my beard for some time and he said ‘I bet it was false beard.’ I felt it was an opportunity and asked ‘How much money bet?’ He said 5 dollars.”
“What happened?” asks the father.
“Well he tugged my beard which is quite natural and I made himg give me 5 dollars. I am sure that will teach him a lesson!”
“No, it won’t.” said the father. “He bet me 10 dollars on Monday that he would pull your beard with your permission by the end of the week!”