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Love regression

My son is 6 years old, insider told me that her husband is a young girl has an affair.

How come?. He came with a sterling silver <a href="">pandora charms</a> Pandora recruitment company have feelings of nonlocal girl, he gave the girl rented a house, two people living together.

Keep the dignity of both sides

One evening, I to rent a house, he is waiting for him in the downstairs. Until ten o 'clock, he came out, and the girl gave him on the stairs, cheapest pandora bracelets kissing him, let he go downstairs.

He came to see me once, white face.

I say: "you don't be afraid, I want to be good, not with you."

We returned home, and shut the door. I said to <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> him: "before you and she wear, I can not for you, I just one, you and she can break?"

Look, her husband, silent, low head, a pick a pandora jewelry review constantly drink. I guess, let him to say broken. I know him better than outside despair, when a woman more desperate. I strongly support, pull up, say to him: "you go, your day with her, don't break into this house. One day."

He shut the door, the wu wear face said: pandora <a href="">pandora braelet</a> jewelry bracelets "I'm sorry, but you have such a thing, or a single girl..."

I will go out, and he said: "you of matter, you see to that yourself, I think. You have made it clear that if you cooperate well, you do not pass into the good old ear."

Listen to him, I went downstairs to the sofa, cried so sad. He is my only love of man, and I was eight years of husband and wife husband, pandora jewelry beads I drove him away from the house, so if he won't come back, can do? Poor our son was 6 years old...

But I have no other choice. I have my dignity, how <a href="">pandora uk</a> can I share a husband with that girl? But I can't say that he divorced, outside the house in the home is not a kind of bag, old people is not grieve? He lost the reputation inside, what genuine pandora jewelry do face son, son-in-law, the father of the child?

Force yourself strong

After her husband went with him, and I agreed pandora rings jewelry on the phone, every weekend, they still go back to their parents. We <a href="">pandora box</a> used to go home, the night is all to each an overnight, therefore, the old man can't see us has separated.

The first to use the "pretended" couples cheapest pandora jewellery identity home, let me pretend nothing, for me, it's "it devilishly hard to".
Very not easy to stand out of the village, both to tighten my steps under his sling run, I don't want to let him see my tears. But he dragged me, give <a href="">pandora us</a> me a towel, and envelope to my pocket. I took the towel, will throw his envelope. I wouldn't want him money, since he left home, I determined to everything does not rely on his mother, his mind our life.

Children from school, I had a child for a piano teacher. Economic expenditure has increased a lot of time, also immediately tense. And I give pandora gold yourself the new burden: spare a insurance sales. Only I know how difficult is that day. Do insurance, can rely on yourself, and I, not habits and introverted person, also can be <a href="">pandora jewelry bracelets</a> obtained without much social relations. I made the first insurance, it is in my whole ran 51 days later.

The insurance business, I gradually on the road, economy is no longer a major threat. Separation of, I don't like the run, I didn't want to earn enough money, too. I spent most of my time and energy on their children.

Children are in the U.S., piano teacher is very dear to him, all his heart cultivation. Children in the study also showed great talent, not how easily, often <a href="">pandora silver bracelet with clasp</a> have the first grade. Up to second grade, children and like calligraphy, give him the children's calligraphy class, he quickly after the progress.

God bless you. From the old man by pet into "little emperors" fragile, beside me, is becoming more and more sensible. The son of grade four day ", "he wrote me a banner that read" love ". This is the school after banners, recommend a <a href="">jewellerys</a> children's calligraphy competition, and won the silver medal, also be gath


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