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Football Memory

My son invites me to watch his <a href=> football </a> games today. These little guys impress me with their wonderful technics, but also remind me of my childhood football life.
My hometown is a small town in the northeast and my middle school is the early 70s of last century. I remember we had two physical classes every week. When we had physical classes, teachers always brought us football or <a href=> basketball </a>. Teachers just made us play by ourselves and asked us to return the balls after the class. We did not know any rules, totally different from the children nowdays who even have their special <a href=> football jerseys </a>. We prefered the football not only because more boys could participate in the games, but also the football was seldom and fresh for us. At that time, we liked football, but our family could not afford it. So we always kicked the rocks on the way to school or on the way home. We would not miss any chance as long as there were something to kick. Gradually, we became good at it. As the rock pieces could fly and hit the buttocks or lower back of the companions who were in front of us. Or could went through a gap between two fence panels. However, we also sometimes kicked to the glass and broke the windows. We immediately ran away each time becase we did not have money to compensate and were afraid of the punishments. Of course, for such play, the best season was winter because the winter shoes were thicker. In summer, it might hurt the feet. Our parents always blamed us for wearing out the shoes so fast.
It is a little pity that we have not become <a href=> football players </a>. I think, in some countries with favorable conditions for football, many gifted and common children become the talents and stars.Conversely, in those areas with no football conditions, the children with soccer talent simply can not be displayed. While, sports developing is a process. We need time be become a big sports country like American, who are famous for <a href=> NFL </a>, <a href=> NBA </a>, <a href=> NHL </a> and <a href=> MLB </a>.