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"fυcк яε∂ вσηεs & yεℓℓα вσηεs!" [sнσят sтσяy]

The crowd grew larger and larger, as students gathered around watching the two girls fight. The furious females were slanging blows & slamming each other against the walls and lunch tables in the cafeteria. "Whoop that H0e Amber!" "Stump that H0e!" The now out of controlled crowd yelled and screamed, cheering the girls on as security and administrators forced their way threw the student body of mostly upper class-men. Pulling the girls apart, "It ain't over H0e" Amber yelled adjusting her ripped shirt, and still trying to swing her fist. "Bxtch Please..i'm wifey, and he coming home with me!" The girl tried getting free from the grip, someone had her in. "It don't matter you dusty broad, because when it's all said and done i done phucked him & sucked him & when you kiss that h0e ass boy, you tasting my pussay bxtch!" Amber smiled at her remarks. "Hell Nawl Bxtch!" The petite light-skinned girl known as "E-thicky" blurted, as she through another blow, nailing Amber right in her temple before Officer Taylor had forced her down to the floor. The blow caused the crowd to roar. "E" through her head up just in time to see Amber's body----- Lifelessly hit the ground. An within an instance, Silents fell upon the large room, everything began to move in slow motion. For a moment everything had seemed unreal to "E", It all came back when she recognized a voice say. "Somebody please, get an ambulance!! Coach Taylor yelled in-particularly to no one. Suddenly the crowd had quickly gone from excitement to concerned.



"Throw me the ball and bring yo ass out here" Chris smiled as he stood on the court, positioned under neat the net. "Come on, We ain't gon make ah bet I'mma let you keep your lil ass money!" He continued, teasing as he gazed over at his friends, that sat on the bleacher across from him. Trey tossed the ball to him, and he began to show off his dribbling skills.

"Come on down! -- Bring ya sorry ass!" He insisted and laughed to himself. "This ain't the ghetto version of the price is right, shut the fck up!" Trey replied, as the boys all laughed. "Well come on nicca!" Chris pulled his cargo pants up! "Fine" A caramel skin trey with a low hair cut made his way off the bleachers, taking off his shirt stepping onto the blue & gray designed court." Nawl I still want to make a bet" A smiling trey approached his friend. "You win, you get bragging right, & If i win i wanna smash Amber!" Trey folded his arms and looked at the priceless look on Chris face.

Chris turned his head left and right, checking to see was anybody near earshot to repeat what trey had just said, before pulling him to the side. "It's three things wrong with that 1) I don't know what you talking about" A serious look plastered across Chris's face and Trey chuckled "Negro please, I ain't buying that shyt, I left you there with her at Ali house,, He looked back at Mike, Ali, Rashad and Darell who talked amongst themselves on the bleachers.

"And you mean to tell me you ain't phuck that big booty ass sexii dival" He closed his eyes, as if he could picture it. Chris slammed the ball into his chest, disturbing his breathing. "Damn it! h0e Nicca be polite to my nipples!" Trey yelled rubbing his chest. "Look i'mma tell you this, because your my best friend, but You gotta promise me you won't tell Nikki, or anybody" Chris stated strongly." You mean E-thicky." Trey interrupted. "Main whatever!" an aggravated Chris felt ashamed. "Well you know you got my word bro." He followed Chris to the nearest wall.

[5 mins later] "So was it good?" Trey managed to crack a smile out of Chris, "It was ight, she phucked my back up, that's why I aint phucked Nicki yet!" Chris replied as he thought about, the hurt in Nicki's eyes if she'd ever heard the details he just ran down with trey. "I love that girl so much, just hope she don't find out." He thought aloud."What's the worst that can happen? What Nicki fine red ass gone do? Fight her and accidentally kill her in the cafeteria? They both chuckled. "Well you right, Let's play some ball, and phuck amber, if you win imma getchu some better pussay!" They laughed as they stood up and walked back towards the court. "Aye yall let's play 3 on 3,." Trey called out to the crew, and smiled back at Chris. "Nawl im good, broddie, you just make it up to your girl"

"Aye yo Chris!" I voiced came charging through the gym doors. Catching the boys attention immediately. Recognizing his lil sister's voice "Nikki just fought! Come on!" She yelled, and waved her arms, signaling for him to come quick. He shot eye at a confused trey, before flying out the gym
with his boys on his trail.


<strong>[Back In the Cafeteria]<strong>

"Baby what happened!" Chris ran to hug Nikki as she was being handcuffed. Her body language refused to acknowledge him. She just hung her head down looking at her feet as they escorted her out the cafeteria. "No,Where he taking her!" Chris yelled on the verge of tears, not able to understand! "What happened!" He yelled at coach who stood to the side, "We gon talk about it later, but first go change clothes, we gotta go Chris!" He responded calmly as he escorted him, towards the cafeteria exit."



Lol yea you should bring this back 4real though!

lmao @ jade
you can act
you can act
you cam act

haha from now on wen i run stories imma say
"bring it back" lol

you should
BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

damn i miss my story lol..that was great

Omg its so real this happens all around me at my school people be like yea yu cute for a darkie. we had to write a paper about our nationality in america . im Haitian an Creole but i tell everyone im black cuz i neva thought it mattered i was just a black girl with pretty hair at first bt wen i finally read my paper they started to treat me better an ask about my familys culture etc im black to me but um im lovin this runit girl

Man...I was so caught up in typing.I forgot the reason I read this-RUN IT!

What you said...I can relate to. How can you be racist against your own race?Look at some colorblind African Americans, then you'll have your answer. And just to inform since I'm a nerd *cough,cough*
A redbone at first was a derogatory term for a Native American. You know since they have "red" skin? Then they began to call African Americans this to distinguish different colored blacks in the south, or for other reasons. But this is where you have it today, and red bones are really black people with brownish/red skintones: Nia Long, Ashanti,etc.Yellow bones are people like: Chris Brown, Drake,etc. Now I am a brownish/red person, but I wont use the term redbone. I don't know I think these just divide black people as a whole.
Really, like someone else said in an earlier post-If you're black...YOU'RE BLACK.
And I don't know the unofficial term for "darksinned" people. And that's pretty much "Redbone" in a nutshell.
Ranting is my forte.LOL :)


Run It

run it pls


thanks @ sew_breezyful: JahyLocc .: & LivieLouu:

Ruuuuuuuuuun It! =]

danng ! ruun it .

Daaaaaamn that's crazy! Can't wait for you to run it!!

And I know what you mean about colorism. I go to a HBCU so I hear it all the time. It's really eye-opening and disgusting what people have been through because of their skin tone. Regardless of color, we're still black people and you'd think through all black people have been through in this country it'd be enough to keep our community together.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR--------------

Title is an attention grabber much, huh? ---lol, don't get all crazy, on me but anyways ,The actual identity of this short story is "She's Pretty for a Dark-Skinned"- It's alot of color controversy going on in my school, right now and red girls are taking it no offense by what I said--This story is about skin tones, the different black girl skin tones and all that like why are we as young females, or women divided just because of our skin tones but it's a short story! So run it and check me out!

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