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Cherish is the blessing

Cherish is the blessing Run, many of which are infinitely good times, but also nearly made us miss the bitter marriage in this life experience.I do not know value was still felt sorry for links london earrings her husband, this guilt I have a lesson: not <a href="">links</a> onlyTo be loved, but also will treasure is the blessing. I often think: my appearance is not outstanding, it is not God amazing girlPet. Kit is a product as good as a boy his links london earringnThat year the college entrance examination, he admitted to the capital of a university, and I was admitted to a municipal junior college, I startedStart feeling inferior. However, links of london earringscleaning products every week sent a letter of overweight, the end product has a clean one for each letter: I come back to marry you, we will love <a href="">links of london</a> forever. Cleaning products make me feel love be so sweet, so happy. GraduationBalance, so I am links earringsdisheartened, and cleaning products at this time is ambitious examination preparation. I want to: cleaning products after graduationEverywhere, he will come back to me I can have a clean product life Weak for me and my future cleaning productsPeople, although he is not high culture, but there are a lot of social experience; he would not like cleaning products, like talk to me about Hugo, Xie LingGames, talking about high-energy physics, Links London Sweetie Braceletsbut he tells me <a href="">friendship bracelets</a> many of life's truth; he would not as clean as the product of a force I can learn morePoint knowledge, he Links London Braceletswould think a lot of tricks to make me happy, and said he did not want me to retu I think that it is mature, he is able to adapt to society, do not you. I am very grateful to Tianfeng, but also to relThat moment, I wake up around: this man, I know him Love him He really love me II love the product wanted to marry clean 呀. I want to push him, but it was too late, I feel unspeakable pain. WhichNight, I cry until dawn, and Tian Feng was contentedly asleep. I said to myself in my mind, I can not deserve my loveThe products clean, and also do not expect Links London Necklaceshe would want me, do not sully the purity of the product clean. I will <a href="">links of london wholesale</a> marry the one I do notSolution, perhaps there can be no love, man. But I think every day, like cleaning products to death, I knew something was lostHow precious. To achieve a goal I do Links London Necklacesnot cherish Tianfeng on, he revealed the nature of growing: He Do not touch my faceThe woman's <a href="">links of london best</a> waist; his growl to his parents, never help at home work; leading flattery snitchDiscussion leaders favor, but their colleagues splitting hairs ... ... God, I really can not accept that they have to marryA person Cleaning products each received a letter, Links London RingsI cried incessantly. How do I clean doing justice to the noble product, I am a bad girlPerson, a bad woman feeling betrayed. I many times want to be a mistake for their own end, but I yearn thaSometimes journeying to: forgive me Links London Chains if the product clean enough. I have to keep on struggling,Not affect his education, all <a href="">links bracelet</a> students have to wait to say he finished. AUpon meeting, cleaning products will hold me tight, I want to be like soHe hugged me a lifetime. Commodities clean side of the warm kiss me aside and said: Jane, fast, and college graduates weMarried, will not make you wait. I can not deceive cleaning products. I broke down in tears to open the product clean: clean,We break up. Cleaning products, pale and grabbed my shoulders: Why we have gone through togetherMore than seven years, when I graduate soon and <a href="">Links London Necklaces</a> still speak of these I just cried, heart cut like a million knives in the chaos. I woundBrain blank. After a long time, a little calmer after he asked me: Do you love him I used to pointDo not know him, I just need a little care and comfort, but now I know I do not love him. Then youWill not marry him Do not know, probably will. Reprinted from:


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