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She lost her mother

The heart is empty, don't know how the taxi, don't know how to spend 2 hours in high-speed road, memory seems disappeared in general.
Warm to the hospital has been close to early morning, see aunt sit chair sadness cry, like steps can no longer move for a ruler inch, like, just stood <a href="">gucci sale</a> there, don't go near, they won't know.
But the aunt saw her, plunged the flapping over nearly crazily crying: "gee, that's so good, warm, your father didn't! No! Oh dear! It can call I how live?"
Sudden onset of stroke, and soon, actually sent the hospital is washed-up, no omen, uncaused, completely is sudden, the doctor is such <a href="">gucci</a> explanations. However, but feel the warm anger. This bone pain, heart of corrosion torture, is that right, is that so?
Decorate mourning hall, cremation, buried, and on the third day is over everything. Warm home, I saw a father lousy telephone, aunt said: "I went out to buy a dish, whole day with him together ah, there's nothing wrong ah. Gosh, I blame ah, blame me, I didn't take care of him!"
Warm know father must be sad pole will call him, fell down a certain also is love her very, no and aunt said her Wuxi. No chance, never have a chance <a href="">gucci shoes sale</a> to let her father and confess a mistake, an apology.
She lost her mother, o nag, now is the final, the only father, is she, is she ah, is she let father turn bone ash, is she the lift in the ground of father pack a small box, buried deep soil under heaven, from now on every forever. Is she!
Heparin back to S city plane landed very easy it was <a href="">gucci shoes</a> evening 8 points, from the airport to home, has been almost 10 PM. Through the lobby when she saw security Chino favor asks about ever see warm afternoon, Chino said: "to be back, never go out."
He slightly loose tone say: "nobody home phone."
Chino put the motioning with his hand said: "don't worry, must be at home, I start in the afternoon on duty is always there, and back, hasn't been out."
His side to according to the elevator, the side long call <a href="">gucci sunglass discount</a> to take a breath, then annoyed anger is jammed the appeared, thought the mill The wind light cloud light, a tree blossom, decline a sound deep fragrance, traveled into mud, sorrow is disillusioned after emptiness.
Warm sit under the trees were fixed absent-minded, to more than a month, all static. Gradually, days like and flat water flow through, the heart also seems to be calm right, although pain, but time is also of various degrees of smoothing it.
And memo contacted, know her all right, also and <a href="">gucci handbags</a> aunt contacted, aunt knew she was really in the United States to phone after brief quickly and said: "we are all very good, all good, international long-distance should have much expensive, good, don't say." So the telephone time to control in the compact 59 seconds.
He, however, he, warm but not contacted, only their hiding in oneself feel safely imaginary, she so the deception and conceal left, he himself away, she <a href="">gucci sunglass</a> dare not, not, don't know how to face him. He'll gas? Hate?
Why, I will foolishly get chaos, all of your own hearts and long years, don't is all Change? Why let yourself fall to so lost abyss. Change, oneself hope for so long, the yearning for so long, now at your fingertips, but the world is but a little place.
A pair of beautiful eyes, atria sneakers <a href="">cheap gucci shoe</a> appear anyone passed, still is, oh, how still in. Warm looked up, clear smartness and forceful, handsome figure to ogle still is school of faying big-hearted.