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Said goodbye to love

If you ever met let you move person, then you are lucky, no matter how ending, should be happy? A lasting relationship, are good indeed, if the occurrence of an accident, must not for love and pain. After all, you love, and you have to love, for love tears fall brokenhearted, once romance. Think you have two people in the winter wind in running madly in the summer walking in the rain, even if he has already gone, but romantic plot <a href="">links of london jewellery</a> still in your heart collection, not it is very happy things? Life was like a journey, a man wherever he goes with you how far, will eventually and you separate, this world after all have few live and die together lover, is the hundred years of husband and wife also can have one die first. Life everyone has feelings and departure of life and death, only you encounter earlier some, if do, you also can't so <a href="">links rings</a> sad?Don't for one person and live, a person to assume the two men love is very painful, only two hearts to love; it is really operating true love.If you really love that man, he will do you want to forget the time appear in your memory, it most sad most lost time appear in your heart, but you can't tell you now to his feeling, you now distress.Of course, you have to pay, since pay the, never regret lost that of love, no one lives <a href="">cheap links london</a> only love doesn't do other things. Don't believe those love story, because we live in is either a reality in reality no eternal love, no one would etc who for a lifetime. Love must be based on the basis of money? If this is real, I think, a lot of people are not willing to see this reality, after all too cruel. I will choose the links of London watches sale.Not all people buy of BMW, and not all the people can sit up BMW. To <a href="">links london</a> see you have the qualifications. Many of the jobs, they can afford friend BMW? People work hard to a month will only $2,000 on wages. Even some 2,000 nor even a month, they are not rich and drink wine bar, really very sad. If no money, no BMW can have love? Such love, even got happy? I think that I like to the links of London rings sale.What can we do? We can in front of the reality bravely <a href="">links of london necklace</a> said: "I have no money. House doesn't have a car but I still can have love? Love, is not easy to many people. Rose is beautiful, but it can bring you pain, the spurs, may let you'll forget. We all like to the links of London bangles sale. The love is the humble <a href="">Links London Watches</a> abode of a real testimony. Love is like a balance, the end is one of the bearing, is matter. Swim in your hand yards, you must choose tendency, because the real side does not allow you to stop in the middle. Sitting in the BMW, or ride bicycles in crying on happy? I will like to the links of London necklaces sale and links of London charms sale.When love is in reality becomes humble, we should take what to save our love?Beautiful love really is <a href="">links of london bangles</a> a fairy tale, because it won't escape reality of destiny. At this moment, you feel? Do you like BMW to bring your splendor, or bikes bring you the simple pleasure? The beautiful girl likes to the links London.When you like to the environment, you will look this place as a home. I think that I can not give up my dream. I will make efforts for it. The life is short and fragile. So we must cherish it and I like to the links of London friendship bracelet.