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Girl's story

The girl is very smart, vibrant look. Girls love to laugh, so many people say that girls are a pistachio, noWorry about without worry of. No one knows the girl's sorrow. Girls are not beautiful, is never the focus of attention, so <a href="">links of london</a> the girl's heartSomething deep, no one knows.Only when alone, he told her like a lover. Front of everybody, as passers-by as he always cold. Girls to Wasted years of age, girls and older, not appearance, but the state of mind, it seems very see through look. Then, is this the end of the year. New Year's Eve, as usual, he was unwilling to accompany her. Girls left alone in the office, the office very much, the girl's footsteps have echo, empty,mail account, perhaps, the girl <a href="">links of london jewellery</a> lonely, sad and unique end of the year, break the camouflage of her strong, too would like toSome people can chat with links of london sweetie necklaceher was. However, such a long time, no response to her forum. Welcome addition to the old days,Everyone was so excited it, ignore <a href="">london links</a> other people's grief. Back at the office, turn on the computer, links of london allsorts bracelet I suddenly see the mailbox there is a signed letter happy.The letter is always a very happy time response. Gradually, she was happy to know some background. happy seems to be a large group of links jewelrydirectors, have a good educational background, have a successful career, by the brilliantCalendar. So, the girl was surprised, she did not know, and she lives <a href="">links london bracelet</a> in a world where two people, howSo to understand her mind, have not been met, however, her well known character traits. very happy literary talent to write the letter, and read between the lines, there is deep concern and care. The girl was very touched.From an early age, the girl is considered to be very independent, has been, she played a strong angleColor, no one ever thought of, can not do her own thing, no one knows how eager she was being taken care of. Unconsciously, the girl <a href="">links london sweetie bracelet</a> started the links jewelleryonline friendship into a relationship. The girl is a very intense person, onlyTo put in, it is absolutely wholeheartedly. Gradually, the daily reading of the letter and to the happy happy wrote, became links of london stores the most importantTo do. Is not met because of it, subnet apart, people get rid of a lot of camouflage. Letter of girls and getting happyGradually warm <a href="">links rings</a> up, both sides links rings said many very loving words. Bones very romantic girl, disappointed in love, afterShe chose friendship, wishful thinking, I believe the friendship will last forever.Frustration, but forgive her Spring Festival, the girls must friendship braceletsgo home to visit his parents. She has a long home leave. However,In the days of her parents are too bland, although there are family, but not the Internet, can not be happy to chat, sheAlways feel something is missing, so, holiday is not <a href="">links of london stores</a> over, she returned to Beijing. However, she had just come back, happy for a business trip to Shanghai to open the Board. Or can not be happy aboutHeart, the empty hearts of girls, every single day, spent in waiting. happy days away, the girl sweetie braceletsuffered a huge blow to those who love a decade, and finally abandoned her away,happy news, he had just come back. Girls can finally talk to the grief, and happy, except, as always,Comfort, but also made a firm ecision: he wants to see her. This time, the girl can not <a href="">jewellery</a> escape. links of london heart charm Because, happy not to give her the opportunity. That left a few words,Children suddenly had a sinking feeling in mind. She did not know for what, just very fear. Time to meet the girl waiting at links of london earringsthe agreed place for forty minutes, the cold chilly, floating in the skyLittle snow, the girl was very cold, from the heart out of the cold. does not appear happy.Girls do not know what happened, but inexplicable, very sad. For days, she every day to Reprinted from:


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