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A lost love

I was born in Sichuan, a remote village. By the traditional concept of the family up and down sisterTherefore, the parents are unable links charmsto taking care of is a very common thing.Early age I was growing up and small <a href="">links of london</a> partners. In my little partner, there is a boy called positive, and I have the sameTherefore, he often brought from home candy, snacks like melon seeds come and go with me to a small river.Arena there will always be me and him. We fight together, fight together, but also for the collective back a lot of honors classes. In a <a href="">links london</a> regional competition, I clearly remember, in the 800 meter run, I accidentally stepped on an that game, he won the men's championship, links of london charmbut I took a second to last Third I am sad, to participate in the game for so many years, never took such a humiliating result, called How do I go back to faceVictory or defeat is standard issue, links charm nothing, and fell pick back up on the line, say this is an accident can <a href="">links of london uk</a> be everyTime I heard these words a lot more relaxed feel. Back to school, many of the rumors tale has passed my ears: &quot;You love that and it is not longer. ToIs really about the two of them, then indeed Love In The City before it, results are good, they are both so in love with sports. HeardSystem, even though I tried to explain to links of london friendship braceletsthem we are good friends, is the junior partner, but they <a href="">links london uk</a> just do not believe, is wrapped around the hardTo buy sweets, desperation, he really bought a big bag of sugar they ate them. Those days are obviously look ShenOne day after school at noon, friendship braceletis suddenly called to me, paused and then said at noon to open class committee, asking me to beParticipate. Eat lunch, I time to thelinks bracelets classroom. May be room was only he, and so would also have not got aTo others, so I launched a complaint: Now the class leadership is really more and more outrageous, and <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet</a> such a meeting, etc.He did not support the sound after a long while before that, open class committee is I lie to you, in fact ... ... I got a fireChang thirty feet and stand up: Do links of london charm <a href="">links of london sweetie ring</a> braceletsnot you know, I still wash your hair, dorm room is a reminder to stop me, said I wasIn a positive light, can not be late, why I could never looked clean and ran over, why do you lie to me, you ...He still did not speak, and after links braceleta while child, he turned and went away without saying a word. I am more gas, he is facingMeal yells. Afternoon after school, a good guy, and he handed me a slip of paper is being writtenI knew him a glance. He said: Ming, I'm sorry, I should not lie to you at noon, the person you want to noonMake clear, but I do not know where to start, links of london sweetie <a href="">links of london bangle</a> braceletsso ... ... really, we grew up together, I tell you howLike you know, originally I had you as a sister usually see. However, after the students I was out of this troubleWhite, in fact, I'm not so simple like it, I was so deeply in love with you, I hope you acce Read the note, my heart suddenly speed up a lot, I do not know what to do, refuse it! I do not seemIdeological struggle, I decided tolinks of london sweetie temporarily accept his proposal, so as not to make him sad. So we learn together, with the progress, And just what I met, he always in the forefront, double care of me. Reprinted from: