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Listening, tears of confession

Lights are young, most places have the most flexible memory, because the Review of the Red in the accident, heart was full of tears, pandora <a href="">pandora charms</a> bracelets charms you listen, which Quan clear rushing stream of tears eye ring ... ...
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Midnight, a silent rain drifted down, the branches outside the window by the wind forces enjoy the breeze, falling lightly dancing, never thought that <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> the sky is so fragile, not cold water, ice-free days, people are not sad tears does not flow, pandora bracelets and charms if not pain that can not afford, the sky how can cry so easily
After all, cloud cloud, however, it will be tears when wronged, and that is rain. Past is the rain cloud, rain cloud of tears, sad autumn when the rain struck, the drift of the clouds is also care about the rain Years eyes cried more clearly, pandora <a href="">pandora braelet</a> sterling silver painful heart will know how to care for happiness, so I let you go, smiling moving forward, you have to give my love will continue to warm my future, as for damage, delivery to the time buried.
Blossoms, and thanks, also insisted on only the lotus leaf, flower recalled the face of infatuation; margin came and scattered, and only really still care about, and if the injury is a good faith, I chose to lie; if lie is an injury, I choose silence; if silence <a href="">pandora charm</a> is a kind of harm, I chose to leave. If, one day I walked into your inner world, I'm afraid the pandora wholesale courage to come out, you can force me to leave, weaving many a lie, so I have to believe, you really need me anymore, then I, How else but to leave it
Honey, if I leave really make you happy, I no longer entangled ten thousand you are willing, if I leave really make you happy, in exchange for <a href="">pandora sterling silver</a> the capacity of dimple goes bright, even the mountains to the sea, I do not have the last part of complaints, can you chose to hurt myself, so it worth it
Ask the world what love is, straight people Shengsixiangxu, Red in staged encounters and a tragedy, or the eyes red from crying, or the endless waiting, or painful swallowing, but also with heart or miss, you I play the role in the transformation <a href="">cheapest pandora jewellery</a> of non-stop, constant transformation lines, the only constant is the share of keeping everything in love. Suddenly wanted to know if we did not meet the original, you are not happier than now, live chic
Honey, we are all children of Mo flowers, I do pandora hearts not want you to do this guardian angel wings love, do not you do Chunni bless the love between us, not to sacrifice your own happiness sake of my future. We promised each other to be all right, how can you tether it You said: Love is a long journey; love is heartfelt <a href="">pandora silver bracelet with clasp</a> blessing; love, regret giving, love, is the most warm hearts harbor. Has not been I forget every word you said, between the lines full of pamper, then in the words of concern outside the reveal, it is the most real you ah.
Honey, if you really care about me, can you let pandora jewellery uk me know your inner thoughts, if you really care about me, Can you let us hand in hand to accept the baptism of earth wind and rain, if you really almost me, Can let the situation <a href="">pandora jewelry bracelets</a> degenerate into destruction of the fortified city is not destroyed, if you really almost me, Can we change things, smiling face. Until the time of old age, can still see the two shadows walking in the sunset jokes.
Quarter of their minds, the situation seems to pandora beads fly light if the dream, the Red criss-cross paths, the rich and gaudy fragrant, mildly out of romantic ages; ink between the shadow, through the mist, into the messy text, was <a href="">pandora charm bracelet</a> exiled years bloom again; Seduction Drunk, is swaying skirt style, misty clouds, are sad sigh of You Meng, hundred thousand turn back, is filled with thoughts of the miss, daydreams talk, is a lonely endless War; my dream in the distance the wind drift, flicker The tears are happy memories, pandora charms sale you are my life destined to escape the robbery.

Stroking a xiao sheng, listening for some pandora beads sale Xinyu, the distance you can understand