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Learn to be forgotten!

One evening, I went to visit a friend was framed, eating, friend answer a phone, I hear out is someone to tell a friend who is framed his friend said, you don't tell me, and I don't want to know. I have some surprise, friend explained, know what? Some things don't need to know some things to forget.I admire friends and open-minded. Life is full often 89, enjoy yourself, you must give oneself decompression, decompression of good method is to learn to forget, life need can be affordable, sometimes to put next is more

<a href="">links</a> important. There is a small story Buddhist, said the young monk and old monk go priest, little monks courtesy, what matter all looked at the master, went to the river, a woman should cross the river, the old monk take up women over the river, the woman thanked left after, little monks had thought, the teacher how can carry that female across the river? But he did not dare to ask, go straight for 20, he urinate urgently, he asked the teacher, we are monks, how can you back that woman across the river? The master said simply, I give her back across the river <a href="">links of london charm</a> to put down, but you back her 20 in haven't put down.Big words full of zen monk, think carefully, and also is the life of truth. One's life like a trekking, kept walking along the way, will see a variety of scenery, through many difficulties, if the walk through to see the past never forgot to heart, will give oneself increment many extra burden, experience <a href="">Links London Watches</a> the more abundant, the greater the pressure, still be inferior to forget all the way along the way, always keep a clean SLATE. The past passed by, the time may not flow back, in addition to learn lessons outside, can need not too much to heart.Willing to forget is one kind of psychological balance; need to calm sincere facing life. Some people are <a href="">cheap links of london</a> able to forget in adversity embarrassing and distress, but the proud of prosperity, do you not know that a prurient interest as failure and success will stay in the past, always wallow in the past, often said that I can't get on well how young how that would take yesterday, Huangpu when eyes beauty, let ephemeral in mind forever stay, gloating smug and commit yourself with vain in, will we grow old by deserting our ideas, dear. Not to mention that brave hero is reasonable. India poet Tagore said "if you miss the sun, you <a href="">links london</a> also will cry lose the stars." For chit haggle for Chen sesame lousy millet tormented mind, lest the ship on already-stretched, memory Forget need choice, some people, some things in your life can't forget, not to forget. Arab famous writer ali, once and friend <a href="">links of london earrings</a> who, Martha two friends travel together. Three walks past an valley, Martha slip slide. Fortunately were pulling him, will he rescued. Martha therefore in the nearby stone head wrote: "once upon a time, a friend who saved mishap life." Three continued for several days, came at a river, were for such a trifle with mishap quarrel, were flay dozen mishap a box on his ears. Martha ran to the beach wrote: "irritating, and <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet</a> one friend slapped the other one in the face." When they travel back later, ali curiously ask mishap why the friend who saved his things on stone, will beat his friend who you wrote in the sand? Martha answered, "I always appreciate friend <a href="">discount links london</a> who saved me, I will remember. For he beat me, I only with the beach handwriting vanishes, sass". This story tell us, remember to others in your help, forget others or your bad, this is the person of duty. Many people like such a vernacular poems: spring have flowers on a, summer autumn winter with snow have cool. Without heart, is hanged catty human good season? Remember something someone, forget something someone, remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten, free and easy life, who stood by, you will feel life is so beautiful.