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A Forbidden Love - New Story :)

Ok this is my first time writing a story so bare with me. The post might be a little slow because I got school but I'll definitely try my best to post everyday :D With that being said LET THE STORY BEGIN!!! :D

A Forbidden Love - A Ja'nice and Chris story

Well...I'm not the typical "pretty girl". I mean I'm rich, have nice things, a nice car, nice Coca-Cola body, and everything a girl wants. What can I say - daddy spoils me. But I don't like doing the "pretty girl" thing. It's just a waste of time. I'm part of the nerdy bunch at school. Yeah....the one they throw into the garbage for fun. <strong>THEY EVEN BROKE MY GLASSES.</strong> Like who hits a person with glasses?? Not cool. -_-
I mean…I could look as pretty as those other girls if I wanted to but, I rather people love me for me and not what I may or may not have. I'm in love with this boy named Christopher - Chris for short. He doesn't notice me though. Sigh. Plus he's going out with the hoe named Rebecca or should I say Becky? (lol) Oh! Where's my manners? My name is Ja'nice (pronounced jah-niece) and if you don't like or like my might just LOVE my life story (emphasize on the love) =]