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Stare her

"I where still eat, you see you, morning I go well, this just away for several hours ah, just make into this appearance. Can you hear words, mark my words."
Warm fluster when think: when I again <a href="">cheap gucci handbags</a> not obedient, have no! Busy nasty nodded said hear ah.
He added: "remember my words? When did you give a demerit ah, I said many, many times, no matter what the things that were delivered to me, have me, I am in ah, you to heart pass? Today this thing you have thought of me? Have first <a href="">gucci jewellery</a> notify me? Your ear is too obedient? Call the mouse away and eat well, with no alike, will it do?"
Warm heard the last sentence laughed, he stared stare her: "return not bashful smile, I say wrong you?"
Warm shook his head, pull his hand, brushstroke a change in his palm write: sorry.
He look like dog as please his warm also training for words, ask her: "tired? Want to go home?" Warm shook his head.
Again he asked: "don't go back to calculate, that was <a href="">guccis</a> in the hotel opening a room let you rest." Warm and shook his head.
He a foolish: "that you want to go?" Warm in his hand painted a "you".
He smiled: "want with me? Ok, let's just get around it, let's go." Together on the car, also without purpose around town turned two laps, finally open to warm home nearby a parking lot parked inside.
Warm suddenly remind of what, in the car picked up her before putting a pen, stretching toward him for a moment, the car and no paper ah, he will hand past say: "okay, just write my hand!"
Warm wrote: "those who bring you? Which go to? Didn't <a href="">gucci</a> you will also bring hatchet man, really down?"
He smiles aloud: "what hatchet man? Chui you think come out, it is today the deal working group, originally I with them to the past, halfway through telephone you good easily, a worried, under the high speed and high-speed, I don't go to, they also go to anything, just come, you now just remember these people come early, let them <a href="">gucci handbags</a> returned first."
Warm wrote: "I'm really sorry ah, delay your very important work now."
His pet location point her nose said: "what's more important than you." Warm meal feel a bit sour, nose Linwood also some sour, like some what fermentation <a href="">gucci handbags us</a> the sort, the loud gurgling bubbles to the risk. Bow wanted to think and write: "the money"
His favor say: "that money, really is part of your, I call your translation of a lot of things, are useful, you yourself." Warm secretly think like are really some instructions or material such things, and uncommon also difficult to translate, there are few what literature factual news showed her.
He saw a little warm silently, say again: "really is part of you’re, another bad what, I'll help you remember, and afterward you continue to do ah, slowly <a href="">gucci authentic</a> just return it to me." Warm also understood that he is diligent, agree nodded.
He saw a nod is warm mood one loose, know the girl who-was-not-little-anymore competitive firmness, which will easily be such a big favor. Happily rubbed her hair say: "so lovely, really rare!"
Warm has pulled his hand continues wrote: "since is my money, why not give me?"
He stayed ash for a moment. "I thought you enough ah, also does not need the money! Why don't you I say?" Warm o nag is saved some money down, although small, let warm finish college is enough, he is known, also know that girl <a href="">gucci sale</a> who-was-not-little-anymore personality, and live with him have really not easy, dare not again overmuch given material things make her dislike, also hurt her self-esteem.