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Thanks for the love you give me

Since the end breeze, mountains and blue, green trees and flowers and red, and I, also then drunk, drunk in you look familiar, drunk in your every sound gently soft call. Once obsessed with an old legend, I then stubbornly believes, ups and downs of fate, is a flower and a butterfly rebirths. So I just want to resist the tender feelings to cherish your life, will fly past <a href="">pandora silver necklace</a> wrong butterflies, and hold the heart off for this life that a cluster near apologized pale chrysanthemum.
Since then, the company the world of mortals, I read you, read you into the warm, bright sunny spring into water to read your moonlight elegant, read you into the charm graceful chi-poems, read you into the deep classic ancient.
Habit a bit a lamp that <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> delicate sweet fume small lights, in every quiet night to listen to your words. Accustomed to every an unmanned corner, in white sheets of paper written with your name, besmear countless smiling eyes, tell my endless yearning and joy.
Standing in the tree flowers is full; I can't help but think again. Think you feeling, the heart is lightsome as an infected with happy feathers, and each time the trembling are infiltrating your breathing. "Leisurely wind to sailing falls, gazing around." dance the wind tree shake, have the flowers fragrant sometime. Instantaneous dazzled, parody celestial voice, and I played the leisurely.
But it has divided not clear sight of dancing, is transparent, or like a fairy the neon, more mo is silky drizzle for waving the fallen petal moans <a href="">pandora jewellery box</a> millennium den, or it is lightsome feeling already fallen petal incarnated into twitters beautiful promises to shower. At this moment, I just want to hold your hand, o breeze surplus sleeve, make dance flowers full garments.
After gaze in the wind, overlooking unmanned knowable distance. Caresses shoulders drunk, is full of wave red trace. Gently stretch to <a href="">discount pandora</a> refer, an eternal beauty. Again smile and said to himself, "flower is beautiful, flower falls also is drunk, why attached to one end? Red solution well, let me pick up pieces of the fallen petal for, tenderness, temperature for light meal hand to round tender feelings into water, for your steeps a pot of mellow greeting tea, let back all the years ahead, diffuse is the missing incense.
Missing is a kind of happiness, let a person be intoxicated; Missing is a kind of CARES, let a person obsession, Missing is a caring, let a person warmth. Missing is a kind of mood, let a person too sweet. Missing is a thing with love knitting <a href="">cheapest pandora jewellery</a> coat, let a person feel warm, Missing is a attentively knitting scarf, let a person feel sweet, Missing is a pair of gloves used feeling weave, let the person feel mild. Missing is whenever and wherever there are watch.
I came to your side. In reality the first <a href="">pandora charms</a> meet. To each other is a little shy. A shallow hug off shy coat, the rest is in great stone before the agreed! Thanks past-life blossom, the pain of life forever. That day, only to situated a pie surprised, I am then willingly drunk in your Cambridge, eye subjugate, an inebriate millennium.
I want to renew your past beautiful without love me <a href="">pandora jewellery wholesale</a>and you will be this life only beauty. Even though the world of mortals, flowery across the tumultuous furniture, ups and downs in the breeze, the moon between, I only want to make it a course such as water, your bosom of love that man.
Flower tea Mi, low in the dust! Tonight, I am only <a href="">pandora jewelry store</a> for you alone bloom, and gorgeous, I like the flower in the lonesome breeze alone the swaying flowers, still looking at you slobber smile!