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Have much fun

American schools this year a university has a senior student exchange program, each department junior students can register, as long as it is a major good English is pretty strong promising, warm chocolate-making, once quite worried about what father and what will he say, in the heart is faint think he is certainly won't agree, must not pleased <a href="">gucci watch wholesale</a> her to go, although he would not stop, and there is no reason to stop, but must not be happy.
Actually, the exchange of such good, who does not want to go to, junior students have several no registration, the selection will be very strict, warm feel oneself does not necessarily really gone, now and he said, for no reason to annoy him, if finally <a href="">gucci handbags</a> haven't chosen, not much this said, first name? The name, such as the newspaper warm learning also more serious, competition is intense, only oneself much effort, and Change also didn't say, in case was not chosen up, also very dirty, warm think oneself strives for once, if can of words, you can see him, from his three out, has for more than 4 years now, if you can see, should have much fun.
Warm university in downtown inside, location is also <a href="">gucci jewellery</a> still pretty heartland, from school two stations ground where there is a large bookstores, bookstores outside on the square there are many sell milk tea juice's ices store, since the summer after, warm after class often come over, bubble in book city reading, or take close on the square the recreational chair of drinking tea and learn writes, no more than the school big classroom self-taught atmosphere is poor.
One day, warm read books prepared to go back to <a href="">gucci shoe discount</a> school, standing at the bus station etc. A car beside her stopped down, she heard a loud cry: "clock familiar warm! Is it really you ah, far see you anymore." Said the car was jumped down a beautiful girl.
Warm a look! It's true understanding old classmate, and is a three-year high school is in the same class. Busy and took her: "oh, really, long time no see."
Fan her mouth muss said: "is not? Have 2 years, let us every year of high school reunion I can be all go to the last year, you go to which, how had not <a href="">gucci sunglass</a> come?"
"My house then out something, this year I will go."
Fan also affectionately refers to say: "you S big around it, what are you doing here? Etc. Car back to school?"
Warm pointed to the behind the bookstore said: "from our school near, I am just come back for a while reading, take the bus of very convenient, just two stations ground."
Fan pulled her: "today don't waiting for the bus, on my car, call my boyfriend sent you, anyway also drop by." Warm see her enthusiasm <a href="">gucci watch us</a> disadvantageous also rejected, get on the car, summer, drive air conditioning are closed window, and window also stick to the heat insulation membrane, warm completely didn't see her boyfriend, estimates that saw, say what also won't get on.
Fan &linked warm hands together sat in the back seat, had got into the car, Fan introduction say: "ah, this is my senior high school classmate, clock <a href="">gucci</a> warm. This is my boyfriend, Metuchen." Warm one lung, front of the man turn head blunt she a smile: "hello!" Warm remember this picture and familiar and unfamiliar face.
Warm wonder: I say how think the land rover so familiar <a href="">gucci watches uk</a> looking, really quay, this playboy change again girlfriend? The last time at home stay facility saw him and the school together, less than half a year, now how is Fan boyfriend. Really mess.