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he must be put her marry home!

Thanks in morning nu way: "with what I want and you sleep together?" Man still says with smile: "that you go to sleep good room ah, but it's a bed all have no, only some straw shop there, if you will go to sleep words, I also don't mind!" Thanks in accordance with the morning air extremely, but he thought: now outside <a href="">links</a> Rome wasn't built in a shop, only some straw how be the ability subjected to? So we had to lie down on the bed, no longer ignore him. Man smiled again, she angry appearance also how cute! Think like this, the man couldn't help will thank according to hold in your arms, die morning in accordance with this morning to push him away, but a bit loathe to give up his warm embrace. Thanks in morning not cursed him: "how incredibly loathe to give up to leave his arms, are you in love with him?" Such a thought, thanks in morning by a surprised, and carefully watched him, look crisper engaging manners, facial expression grace <a href="">links london</a> calmly, really very handsome, die cannot see stayed in morning. Men ponder looked at her: "have been looking at what I do, maybe fall in love with me?" Thanks in morning hurriedly clarify: "who fall in love with you, don't unfounded worry!" Men's bad to say with smile: "yes?" Thanks in morning hurriedly transfer topic: "rightness, I don't know yet what name do you call?" The man say: "I call Lining, home is <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet</a> business, what is your name?" Thanks in morning stared at him: "I with what should I tell you?" Lining smiled: "don't tell me calculate, go to bed early!”Thanks in morning said:" sleep and then sleep, who fear who ah! "Say that finish, go hit the sack. Lining took a look at her face, sleeping in thought she's really a personality! The first time someone dared and his noisy, grace, he must be put her marry home! Always I think, Lining unconsciously entered the dreamland.The next <a href="">links of london bracelets</a> morning, jail had just woken up, when she heard a woman crying, he unconsciously one long, who in early morning in this crying? So he opened his sleepy blurry eyes, just opened his eyes, and saw a beauty sit on his bed. Jiao jail unconsciously surprised, see the beauty, the face if the peach blossom, pink clip unlined upper garment, cuff slightly narrower, fully clasped set, skin white in showing red, yellow <a href="">links of london</a> dress, embroidered girlfriend. Beauty slowly openings: "where are you from frivolous scholar! Unexpectedly embrace me had a good sleep?" Jiao jail this just became seems beauty as dolls arms in sleep last night. So he hurried and apologizes. Beauty nu way: "this kind of matter apology is useful? You destroyed my honor, aren't you going to is responsible to me?" Jiao hurriedly say: "but I already have a girlfriend..." Jiao words did not say that finish, beauty has burst into tears up, jail when <a href="">links of london bracelets sale</a> it went, the beauty of the cries of her cousin Lining attract come over, Lining see jail sleep in the bed, can't help cousin anger unceasingly, so Yabba bed from dragging down, ruthlessly a punch. At this moment, die morning already heard the noise according to catch up, see jail, not so pleasantly surprised, jail also see the x in morning, hence two people struggle with sobs rise, see them embrace together scene, Linking and his cousin can't help angry unceasingly, shouted a way: "you this flower-gathering thieves, last night embrace me sleep all night, and now it was my noodles and other women <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet jewelry</a> and affectionate, I hate you, I hate you!" Jiao jail quickly coaxes "you don't make, good last night, I really don't know how to sleep until your bed..." Jiao words did not say that finish, thanks in morning already severely reward him a fist, "you this flower heart big turnip, we separated how long only ah, you can sleep to another woman's bed and?" Jiao nasty like on hot pot ant, now he's really moments! Reprinted from: