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Time is slip through the tip of the quicksand, gentle delicate rose slowly from the blossoms in huazhong slipped away, more than 10 years time, like just at the moment of the buddies. Unconsciously, in my heart lake sways in the 13-year am, tomorrow <a href="">gap card</a> will be also began his man forty.
In 1997, TVB version of "giant" into the mainland, at the age of seven I faithfully observe in front of the TV, TV him as a gust of wind unruly, casual tumbled my heart shade. Bishi naive simple yet that lets a person see FIG mistakenly lifelong picture, also do not know <a href="">gap outlet</a> death mutually love straight teaches, simply by that is called John Steinbeck's also are also evil man be attracted deeply. Then I still have no idea, but will make track for a star after school immediately rush to stationery store, choose his stickers, CARDS, then alacrity to them enclosed in my books.
Giant has vanished river's lake, face as champions jade him a gorgeous turned white, from a handsome young transmute into health cool <a href="">gap 1969 jeans</a> of dazzle the patron saint, again for us deduce a vivid character: "pet affair" in kind and loving exhibition shuofang, "criminal detective archives of the our QingShenYiChong IV," seeking qin ji more flexible in intellectual XiangShaoLong... But my favourite is the book of genesis hearts be hatred silkworm cavitation ZhangZiLi - a fate tricks on man and his perverse crazy behind is <a href="">gap pants</a> infinite dismay and helpless... The character's own full and am good ZhangZiLi deduce, make this bad allow dearly characters more glow.
Am in TV image of thorough popular feeling, two-time gain depending on the emperor crown. However, yi yi starlight have not put his status quo, constantly advance of he wholly devoted to film career, <a href="">gap women coat</a> be full of deep starts the father loves a good father, "in hanging by a thread in the keep call", in the accident in deep suspicions paranoid, "in the stock market in sparring crazy eavesdropping stormriders... Although the film's quality is uneven, but a and film proved his effort, also gradually established in his movie circle of position, make it become the Hong Kong film circle of the hottest Mesozoic actor.
An actor <a href="">gap on line</a> handsome like him, people always cannot ignore his appearance, and am but couse ground say never felt handsome. This modest behind is another kind of confidence. As "real fair maiden temperament, never flaunt she have not all... because she didn't he inferiority" real handsome and have poise of man, also need not outstanding appearance in noises, can even uncomplainingly <a href="">gap credit card payment</a> to model role and deliberately to add fertilizer, dress up as ugly.
However, after years of ruthless, these years, we can clearly see the time on his face impressions left, many people dim and sigh: "but ancient youngs is old."
However face this years face, I was low in evidence eyebrow a smile - time diminished his appearance, but has not disappeared his charm, <a href="">gap jeans</a> but will he scorching rays experience into a ripe inside collect temperament, in his hand is cast sufficient between all show ripe male poise.