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"The Teenage Mind"

This story might be touchy to some because of the subject matter. "Sexual Orientation" If you don't like it feel free to leave the post....I say you should give it a chance though. This story is very loosely based on real life. So Enjoy. Just a disclaimer I guess. Oh yeah I'm Jasmine....aka Jayy =)

Jayy's POV
August 19

The alarm rang loudly indicating that it was time for me to wake up. The first day of my senior year in high school. I'm excited! I had my outfit picked out for days and I got ready with the quickness. My phone buzzed letting me know that I have a text message.

"Outside" The text read.

How I hate when he does that. He being my boyfriend of two years. I grabbed my back pack and ran out the door. There he was waiting for me in his new Camry that he received for his birthday.

"Hey Love." Dre' said as I opened the car door.
"Hey boo. Do you have to text me when you're outside? Cant you just ring the doorbell like normal people?" I asked.
"Not this again...."Dre' said replied slightly annoyed.
"Oh just drive." I said

The drive to school wasn't long due the adrenaline that was pumping through my veins. I couldn't wait to see my friends that I didn't see during the summer. Dre' parked the car in the school parking lot and we walked to the court yard.

"JAYY!" someone screamed


So this story is based on sexual orientation?
Well that's different.
But different in a good way, of course.

Run It!

Does Tee like her?? RUN IT

ooo okay so im straight good i think....... wait i am i think that was me lol

ok so im straight???

But I have alot of gay friends. When a boy asks you out and he claims to be gay-is he?

No just the made up people are lesbians

Am I a lesbo?
*raises eyebrow*
I thought since I was first to apply I wouldn't be gay...
*begins to think deeply*



i wann be in it!!!

Well I hate saying all that she got dressed blah blah blah........So i just try to avoid it! =)

Anywho I guess I'll try to get something interesting going.........

I turned around there was my bestfriend.

"Hey Diamondz" I said while shaking my head.
"Ya'll still together" She said taking my hand from Dre's.
"Yes. Problem?" He asked while pushing her slightly.
"No. Not at all. Just a question. Now go find some friends." Di said while pushing him back.
"Shut up. Bye Jayy." Dre said to me while flipping her off.
"Now why did you do that? Knowing we don't have the same lunch." I pouted.
"You'll be alright. Come on lets go to the lockers." Di said dragging me.
"Like I have a choice." I rolled my eyes.

When we reached the lockers the bell rang for first period.

"Come on ladies get to class!!" The administrator yelled.

"Ugh. Bye Jayy." Di said.


The bell rang for lunch and I casually walked to the cafeteria. None of my friends have my lunch so I have to float around.

"Jasmine!" Some voice sang.

I turned around and seen Tee.

"Dude. You still aint wearing girl clothes yet?" I laughed while hugging her.
"Nope. Boy clothes are just too comfortable." She replied while I grabbed her hand.
"Well I guess I'm sitting with ya'll." I said
"You sat with us last year. So get over it."Tee said.

Tee and I were close. We had art together last year and we just became best friends. Obviously she's a lesbian and obviously "Ya'll" were the other lesbians at our school. I sat with them last year as well but it was other straight girls too.

"Jayy Jayy"
"Oh snap! Gabby!" I screamed!

Gabby moved out of town the start of our sophmore year.

"Hey boo! Umm hey Tee." Gabby said whille pushing Tee's head.

Keep in mind that she's only 4'11

"Ouch punk."
"You'll be alright." Gabby said.
"Now behave you guys." I said
"Shut up." They both said.
"What up tho!" A voice said.
"Aww snap. What's up Mandy."Tee said shaking hands with Mandy, another boyish lesbian.
"Enough with the greetings can we sit down now." I said with a little attitude.
"Yeah yeah."

We sat at a round table and caught up with eachother. It was getting close to bell so we all decided to walk the hallways.

"So Jayy. Why don't you text me no more?" Tee asked.
"MAybe because she don't want to text you!" Gabby said.
"Shut up I aint ask you!" Tee said.
"Well I told you anyway." Gabby replied.
"Ya'll stop. And dude. I dont know why I haven't texted you."
"Well you should text me." Tee said
"So if I text you will you shut up about it?" I asked.
"Yup." Tee said.
"Fine. I'll text you. But now I'm going to class. Bye Gabby." I said while shutting my locker.
"What class you got?" Gabby asked.
"AP Calculus." I replied. "What you got?"
"English." She said.
"With who?" Tee asked
"Parker." Gabby said.
"Aww sh*t." Tee said.

I just laughed and went to class.

Lmao.Sorry Gabby.
Lol, I warned you Jayy.
Okay so-her boyfriend seems I don't know. On his menstrual.
And I don't understand how these story people get ready so quickly. It's like they have a fast forward button or something. It's really amazing.
And-school sucks. The beginning is always interesting to me. It tells me how good you can't introduce me into their world. Pretty good if I do say so myself. And I am typing...I just confuse myself.
Run it...


lol but some boring details be interestin and funny

Yeah I know right.......Got to get the booring details out of the way...........

lol u slow dime but this sounds like a really interesting story lol i like it already i cant wait until u realllly start lol

run it

Hmmmm interesting!!

RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha.......Whatever you feel is best......"Quickes" lol

This is going to be long as I don't get killed...
Run it. Do you want real feedback or quickies?
Bad choice of words for that last sentence.