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Which is the most important in the standard 4C?

4C standard is the most important is undoubtedly <a href=""><strong>pandora</strong></a> weight, but in weight determined under the condition of the first consider which!
Traditionally gutty concept was clarity is the most important, this is because before you purchase diamond are in unfamiliar with consumption. Now, everybody <a href=""><strong>pandora braelet</strong></a> better diamond, under the situation of this statement broken down.
We will 4C standard according to the important degree sorting, weight, Turner, color, the last is clarity
Cutters: why is it so important? When a bouquet of white light through the diamond, if it first after diamond on the mesa, then in <a href=""><strong>pandora jewelry review</strong></a> diamond internal reflection refraction, finally entirely by diamond mesa refraction go out, so will the white light is decomposed into QiSeGuang, while the main wavelength of color is red, blue, yellow, so we invisible to the naked eye a single good cutting diamonds, can feel from diamond and sends the light of discus, and <a href=""><strong>genuine pandora jewelry</strong></a> with red, blue, yellow light is given priority to, turns can see such as rainbow general light. Completely refraction of light let diamond feel very glittering and <a href=""><strong>cheapest pandora jewellery</strong></a> translucent and bright, shining and full of glamour.
And when the diamond mesa is too small, pavilion depth too big when (known as "chimney" pipe), light will after an refracted from the other end of the pavilion, thus let ministry escaping diamonds appear gloomy, And <a href=""><strong>pandora sterling silver</strong></a> diamond mesa excessive (known as "flying saucers"), pavilions department had shallow light without refraction had directly from diamond pavilion department leakage, of course not reflecting colorful rays of light.
The most ideal cutters are most of the light from mesa <a href=""><strong>pandora silver charms</strong></a> into after internal refraction from mesa out, most perfect cutters is completely a light not leak, the ideal reflex only cutters evaluation are all "'re = perfect excellence ", your choice of is the most demanding of diamonds.
Same a carats of diamonds semifinished product, processed into the most ideal cutters diamond, only can make 0.25 -.30 carat total weight of naked drill, blank out into an average rate of about 25%, If processed into "chimney tube" or "flying saucers", it can be <a href=""><strong>pandora bracelets charms</strong></a> processed into 0.40 -.50 carat naked drill, so, cutters perfect approximate demanding of diamond, you killed diamond business, also not too cheap sold to you?
The importance of color
If two colored light (monochromatic light or compound) to properly mixing ratio and can produce white feeling, then the two colors is called "mutual complementary color". For example, for 656mn red light wavelengths of the green light for 492nm and mutual complementary color light. Be like again, magenta and green, yellow and blue, i.e. tricolor in to <a href=""><strong>pandora jewellery charms</strong></a> the rest of the primary colors as - two mixed color are mutual complementary color. Complementary color subtraction (such as pigment color. The two complementary color paint on white paper with the same point), then you've become black. Complementary color when juxtaposed, can cause of strong contrast color, can feel red more red, green more green. If the complementary color saturation is abate, namely can incline to mediate.
That is for transparent diamond, its color depends primarily on its light absorption. Colorless diamond series, to yellowish gray color is more yellow, blue in <a href=""><strong>pandora bracelets charms</strong></a> composition of visible light absorbed more. Diamonds are so shem, because its light reflex is very high. That is the more light is absorbed, diamond, the less the flash.
Everybody on market see diamond mostly not I - J, and a lot of s color with the yellow diamond would say that will feel more fire once. I thought it was a misunderstanding. Indeed, in jewelry store inside yellow light irradiation condition, I to J color <a href=""><strong>pandora bracelets and charms</strong></a> diamonds the meeting on the feeling a little fire point. But in fact, most of our time is life in ordinary white light. While in natural light, I to J color diamonds can appear than high color grade diamond yellow many, dim many.
Finally, because will only consider clarity to the naked eye as clarity flawless circumstances, can't influence diamond beautiful degree.