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hey guys, i thought i'd repost the story on here. sorry for the wait i no i've been gone for a while but i'm back now for good! :)



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--wow ur almost as cute as me--

so thats the old part of the story..i'll post more in a minute i'm just gonna get my other story up here aswell..*princess of manhattan*

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

"what the hell is this?" she demanded from him. I looked at him like 'what the hell is this' lol. he just sucked her teeth at her.
"saha..what are you talkin about?"
" know i like you, why would you do this to me?"

he looked at her like she was crazy

"saha, you know i love you. ur like a sister to me. but honestly. you dont own me i can do what the f**k i want"

I smirked and looked down. i didnt mean for her to notice. but she did.

"whatt he f**k are you laughing at b***h..i will f**k you up!!"

Now to be perfectly honest. i hate a fight. dont get me wrong i'll jump in on somebody elses behalf. but usually i dont ahve to fight. my heart started racing.

"saha. chill." decial tried to clam her down.

she swung for me and i ducked. decial pushed her away and walked off with her. i was a little hurt. i was left standing there. everyone was looking at me like 'who is this chik?'

I sat back down in my corner contemplaiting whether i should leave or not. i felt so stupid just sitting there. she'd one. he walked off with her. just then he re appeared out side. with saha no where insite. he smiled when he saw me and walked over.

"sorry bout that ma..she's a little crazy..pretty sure she's maggot already too." he laughed.

I smiled but didnt say anything.

"come on. lets go swim.."

I looked at him like. are yu crazy?

"its heated..." he tried to pursuade me

I looked over at the pool. and saw steam rising from its surface. i shrugged and took off my dress to reveal my swimsuit. he looked at me and licked him lips. i shook my head at him and smiled.

"real..can you blame me tho?"

when i didnt say anything. he took my hand and led me to the edge of the water. he looked at me, threw off his shirt and dived in. I wasnt so eager to be fully submirsed yet.. i sat on the edge of the pool. and just looked for him to come up. when he did he came over to me and stood at the edge where i was.

"you comin in?"
"yeah yeah. hold on."

he smiled and picked me up and brought me into the water with him. with my shoulders on his hands i smiled and lifted my head back. he brought me deeper in the water. not caring about what was around me i stared into his eyes. but snapped myself out of my dase when he dunked me under the water. i came up gasping for air with water dripping from my face. i stared at him like a 5 yr old would with a pout. he started laughing

" look so cute."

I turned to get out of the water. but he caught me by my waist and pulled me back.

"ok ok. i'm sorry."

at this point there was about two inches between our faces and i could feel his breath against me.

"what in the hell of it!!!!!" i hear coming from the door.

almost everyone turned to see saha at the door with a drink in her hands.

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

Friday finally rolled around and it was Decial's birthday today. he had invited me to come and now i'm all stressed out coz i dont know what to wear. i mean i wanna look good coz that saha chik would probly be there...

I finally decided on this I layed it out on my bed and did all my hygene stuff. When I got out I got a call on my cell. it was from decial

"hey" I answered
"aye, wasup"
"nuthin much just gettin ready"
"yeah i was just wondering if you were coming..dang gurl!"
"lol. well my bad."
"yeah oh by the way did i tell you we'd be swimming aswell?"
"well we will be. so come prepared."
"ok then"
"aiight ma. cya in a bit, hurry up now."
"aye, you cant rush perfection!"
"ooo. aha. alright i'll see you soon."
"aright. bye."

I hung up and couldve i had to change my whole outfit...i hurried around my room lookeing for something else to wear. and in my hurried frenzy managed to hit my leg on the table and got a bruise. it looked so ugly. so now i had an ugly bruise to cover. I managed to pull together this dress and flip flops. And wore my bathers underneath.

I jumped in my car and drove to his house.

There were cars banked up to the end of the street so i had to park a fare way a way and walk the rest of it. The music was blaring throughout the neighborhood. and i walked up to the door and had a sign sayong "around the back" on it. I shook my head and laughed and walked around the back to the side entrance. The first thing I saw was Decial and some chick (which i recognised as being Saha) dancing up on each other around the edge of the pool. I gotta admit it, I was jelous. But why should I be? It's not like we have anything....

I didn't know anyone there. So it was kind of awkward when I arrived. He didnt notice I'd come in yet so I just went and sat on a chair. and waited for him to come to me.

He had turned around (still dancing with her) when he saw me. He looked real guilty like he had been doing something wrong and tried to cover it up. Sometimes he's sucha stooge. lol. He walked over to me. and i put on my front like everything was ok. because really, it should be...I don't have feelings for I?

"yu made it" he said trying to make conversation
I nodded and stood up to give him a hug.
"now I didnt buy you naything yet, but I figured we could go shopping and I'd buy you whatever you like"
"aha, like what?"
"anything you want"
He raise his eyebrow at me "what if i want a car?"
I laughed "slow down skippy..I was thinking more along the lines of a new pair of kicks."
He shrugged " I suppose that'd do to" he laughed.

Now really, I could've very easily bought him a present on my own. Deep down, I knew I just wanted another excuse to see him.

"aha..alright. you wanna dance?..its customary to dance with the birthday boi you no."

I pretended to think about it..

"well, if its imperritive.."
"oo. big words.." he laughed

he took my head and led me to the dance floor. my song came on and i started workin it. at first, he was having trouble keeping up, but he eventually got into my rhythm and our bodies moved as one. i spotted saha from the other side and pretended like i didnt see her. to be perfectly honest..she scared the s*** outta me. i turned around so i wouldnt have to look at her. when i heard fussin behind me and was forced to turn around. she was yellin at decial. and he was just lookin at her like 'u dont own me'.

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

As soon as I walked in the door my cell phone went of I looked at the caller i.d it was gil, my ex. I sighed and answered it.

"yes gil..." I said unenthusiasically
"aye who was you with at the park tonight i saw him at your car."
"gil..what does it matter you dont own me"
"i'm just wondering"
"gil, you already have another girlfriend probly two, so why dont you jsut leave me alone and worry about them?"
"your pushing it Lara."
"goodnight gil."
"I love you"
I love me too!"

and with that i hung up.

I threw my stuff on the bed and walked to the computer to check my myspace. I had new comments there were a few from my other friends,,and one from decial. I smiled when i saw his picture:

hey ma,

look...sorry about tonight. i realise your angry, and i guess you have the right to be.

I just want you to know it wasnt anythign to do with me.

I wanna make last night up to you though.

- Decial

I smiled and clicked the cross, i'd reply later. Right now i just wanted to shower and go to sleep.


--wow ur almost as cute as me--

I pulled up to the park and saw a bunch of guys playing ball. i locked my car and walked over to where they were. I looked around for decial, but realising he wasnt there i tried to walk away before they noticed i was there.

guy: ey ma.

he walked over to me with this sedy grin on his face. i closed my eyes and looked down before quickening my pace.

guy: naw..dont walk away.

he caought up with me and grabbed my arm and spun me around.

guy: what you doin out here so late?

I said nothing but just stared at him like, "i dont have time for this".

guy: ay! fellas come over here.

His boi came over and surrounded me in a circle.

I kept my front on like i could take them all if they tried something. then one of his guys came up behind me and grabbed my waiste pulling me close to him.

guy2: yeah ma. thats what im talking about.

I sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes, but i couldnt get myself free, he was to strong for me. Now the first guy moved a little closer to and started rubbing on me. And i realised i was helpless. There was about 8 of them and 1 of me. I didnt know what to do. panicing. i started to break free.

guy: naw ma. you dont want to make this difficult do you? coz we'll do it the easy wa or the the hard way. but either way. its gon' happen.

I didnt know what to do. at this point all i could think of was how i was so mad at decial for making me come down here. maybe it was his idea. he set me up! why would i trust someone from the internet!!! what is wrong with me!! I felt hot tears stream down my face, they stung my cheeks.

I heard something goin on people yelling but i didnt want to budge, i jst stayed there feeling the heat of the two bodies. i just stood with my eyes closed wishing it was all just a bad dream.

voice: naw man get off me! let her go! what the hell!

I heard the voice grow nearer.

voice: aye!!! let her go!

I felt the bodies move from me. i opened my eyes, to see decial. he had one of them my the nech of his shirt and punched him the aw and watched him drop to the ground. The other one ran with the est of them. I couldnt work out why they all ran, there was only one of him, they couldve taken them all on...

I dropped to the floor and just stared at him.

decial: Lara...I'm sorry. I just went to my car and when i came back these dudes were hear. I swear.
Lara: what does it matter right? i barely even know you.

I got up and walked back to my car. I heard him following me i got in and he stood outside my window. I rolled it down and just looked at him like " come on then"

Lara: you got something alse to say?
decial: Lara..It wasnt like i set you up, why are you mad? if anything you should be thanking me I saved you!
Lara: saved me! If i hadnt of come here for you, I wouldnt have ever been in the situation!!!!!
Decial: i know i know. look Lara. Im sorry. But it nothing to do with me, you acting as if this was somehow my fault!

I sighed. knowing it wasnt. I was just looking for someoine to blame.

Lara: i know. look i gotta get going now anyway. I'll talk to you later.

I started my car and drove off.

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

back to school. I feel like it never ends. I just want a break! but, it's almost summer vacation so theres one upside to look forward to. a few more weeks in this place.

Ready in my school uniform with my hair like this i headed off to school.

I walked into class a little late since i was in a lazy mood. and the teacher chose to ignore me. i sighed and sunk into an empty desk before flipping my laptop open and copying down what was on the board. I got distracted when and i.m popped up. I smiled when i saw that it was from decial:

Decial says: How's your day going?

Lara says: riveting!!

Decial says: that good huh?

Lara says: lol. oh yeah.

Decial says: lol. what class are you in?

Lara says: Economics...

Decial says: fun fun.

Lara says:

Decial says: ay, imma get at you later i gotta get goin now.

Lara says: ok. later

Decial says: ~1~

I saw him log off and then clicked the cross.

I was sitting in maths watching the clock. i couldve swarn it was ticking backwards. i pulled out my computer and went to decial's myspace...i wondered if i was becoming just a tad obsessive...but whatever. lol. i looked at his top friends to see that i was now on there. right at the bottom, but never the less i was on there. as i looked further up i saw that girl saha was still number one..i clicked on her picture as her profile popped up. by the looks of her page she didnt have any female frinds only guys. her backround was beyonce themed and she had mya playing on her page. i found myself growing jelous. to me she was prettier, skinnier, just better. why would decial want me when he had her practically throwing herself at him???

the bell rung, interupting my thoughts. i closed my computer shut and raceda out of school without alking to any body. i really wasnt in the mood. i had dancing straight after school today. it was slowly taking over my life. and while it used to make me happy, its becoming more and more work. now dont get me wrong, i love dancing. its just that i think i did too much too young. i was pushed into it a very young age and never stopped. currently dancing about 30 hours a week. its all i ever do. especially right now. with competitions less than 2 weeks away. the studio has just gone into mayhem. now while i love my hip hop. i do dabble in a bit of every style of dance. from ballet to krump and everything in between. today i had jazz first up then two ballet classes and then i had a class to teach.

pushed the door open and wearily went into the changerooms and threw my bag down on the bench.

brooke: rough day?
me: he brooke, naw. just tired is all
brooke: well shake it off! we got comps in less than two weeks!

she said happily.

about 8 oclock and i'd finished for the night, there was still more classes after me, i swear some people just dance too much! if thats even possible. i pressed the button on the wall and it released the lock as i pushed the door open and walked to my car and unlocked it.

as i was driving my cell phone started ringing. flipping it open and putting it on speaker phone i put it on my lap and continued driving and talking at the same time.

me: hello
mv: eyy wasup
me: hey decial. how you doin
decial: pretty good. wat are you up to?
me: uhh. just finished dancing what about you?
decial: i'm just down at the park. wait your a dancer?
me: lol. yeah. you didnt read my myspace very well did you?
decial: my bad, your pictures distracted me. lol
me: lol. ur so stupid.
decial: ey...dont be so mean. lol. anyways. yeah i was just callin to see whats up
me: mmk.
decial: aye you should stop my the park right quick.
me: ok. which one
decial: the one with the courts. closest to the beach
me: ok. but only for a bit. i havent been home from school yet. so im tired.
decial" ok, just for a bit then
me: ok ill see you soon then
decial: alright talk to you soon
me: byeoh
decial. lol. 1

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

she made a discusted noise.

"when will he get the point? how long yall been broken up for anyway?" she asked
"like forever. lol. anyways. i dont really wanna think about him right now." said as i stared out at decial.

she bust out laugin.

"what!?" i questioned.
"nuthin its just funny. you just met him."
"but i feel like i already knew him from talking on the internet."
"do you realise how stupid that sounds?"

we both laughed as decial came out the water. he went over to where he was sittng and got his towel and dried himself off, hi friend did the same.

he walked over to us.

"why'd you get out so soon?" he asked

I shrugged "got cold"

he looked at me like i was stupid or something. and then laughed.

we talked for ages. not really about anything much. alchohol was our main topic, turns put the boy loves to drink. which is definatly a negative atribute for me. about 4 oclock i decided it was about time to go on home.

"aye. helen we should probly b leaving now" i said
she looked at her cell for the time
"you right."

decial kinda looked disapointed but did well to cover it up.

"well i guess ill talk to you later. it was good t finally meet you" he hugged me "and it was nice to meet you too" he hugged helen.

I smiled and packed up our stuff before leaving the beach. i was no more then 30 seconds off the beach i got a text message on my phone:

well today was fun...we should do it again sometime

- decial

I smiled to myself and hit the reply button

lol. yeah it was. most definatly. im always up for the beach.

Helen walked me home and then left back to her own house. i walked in the house and had a shower coz i felt all sticky from the beach. after i was done i grabbed my laptop off charch and walked into the kitvhen with it, and opened it up on the counter. an instant message poppped up from decial. i smiled to myself.

Decial says: how are ya? Lara says: lol. good. and you? Decial says: im aiight. what you up to? Lara says: just about to get something to eat lol Decial says: lol. well you hurry back Lara says: lol. ok. brb.

I clicked the cross on our conversation and walked to the freezer and got out an ice block. and then pured myself some cereal. odd combo i know. i sat back down at the counter and then opened up our conversation once again.

Lara says: ok bak Decial says: iiight.

we talked a little bit more, nothing major. i found myself likeing him more and more. i know i know its crazy i dont even know the guy. but. i dunno, theres just something about him that makes me weak.

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

"who was that?" she asked me suspisciously
"my friend" i tried to cover it up
"and where did you meet this...friend?"

looked away an thought if i should tell her...

"myspace" i mumbled
"where?" she questioned
"myspace" i repeated.
she laughed at me "myspace?...isnt that where you meet serial rapists and stuff Lara?"
"I know i know...but there was somthing about him.." i tried to explain
she shook her head
"he better be hot!" she chuckled "alright girl, come on!"

we left out the door making sure i locked it behind me. we crossed the street and walked down to the beach. Just before we hit the sand we stopped in unison to take of our flip flops and we felt the hot sand underneath burn our feet. we went over to our "usual" spot and set down our towels and stuff. when i spotted him. i gulped and tapped helen repeatedly

"what what?" she asked

pointed not able to speak for some odd reason

she smirked at me and turned "thats him?"


"call him over" she suggested
"no, what if its not him?"
"then he doesnt turn around big deal."
"what if theres more then one decial on the beach?"
" many people are called decial!?"
"go on!"

shook my head. she sighed and rolled her eys before turning and screaming "decial!!"

hit her and she laughed. i turned my focus towards him as he turned around but didnt see me. so continued to play football on the sand. i ould just make out him saying "i swear someone just called my name"

watched as he went over to his phone and started writing a text. about two seconds later i got one.

" here yet?"

texted back


watched as he went back to his phone

"lol..ok where abouts? im already here"

texted him back

"yeah i see you"

after i watched him go back to his phone i got one more.

"oh word..where are you?"

chuckled to myself as i saw him look around the beach confused. and texted back

"to ur left...wearing burberry"

he looked at his phone and turned..he scanned the beach adn i waved to get his attention. he looked and told his friends he'd be right back as he jogged over to me.

"he's coming?" helen asked

I nodded and stood up to meet him. when he got over i gave him a hug. it was a little akward id only just talked to him on the internet.

"hey" he said
"hey..uhm. decial this is helen. helen, decial"

they both nodded at each other.

"so how long yall bin out here for?"
"like 10 minutes" i shrougged
"aiight. yall swam yet?"
"not yet, but its so ht, im bout to."
he laughed "aiight. i'll meet you in there

I walked back to where we had set our towels down and took off my clothes. i was hella nervous tho.

"why u look so nervous?" helen asked me
"i dunno. what if...i dunno." i hesitated
"what if he doesnt like you?" she suggested

I shrugged

"well then its his loss" she stated
"i guess..ur right"
"i always am. come on"

she pushed me towards the water. he was already in there when we came down and was muckin around with his friend when we entered. i stuck my foot in and it was really cold. so i froze up. i slowly entered the water about knee height and helen dived in and started swimming out.

"come on!" decial yelled out to me.

pushed on further into the cold water about waiste height to where they were.

"lets go out further" he suggested
"nu uh. if a shark comes, theres gotta be someone out further than me, so itll eat them first" i spat at him
he laughed "yeah i know, me too"

shook my head and went under the water. when i came back up he was gone. i looked around and i couldnt see him. helen looked at me like 'where'd he go?' i just shrugged and kept looking around. suddenly i saw his head pop up about 10 meters away from me. and i breathed a sigh of releif thought he had died or something.

he laughed when he saw the look on my face.

after about 10 minutes i got too cold and decided i wanted to get out he water. i left them in there coz they werent done yet.

I walked up out the water and back to the sand, before picking up my towel and drying myself off. i layed my towel back down and got my cell outta my bag. it said "one new message" flipping it open i saw that it was from my ex "gil". it read

"hey baby, what you up too?"

I shook my head, he still speak to me like we're still together. but i broke up with his ass about two months ago. he was way too overprotective for me.

I messaged back

"just at the beach"

I always tried to message him in a way that he wouldnt msg me back.

just then helen came out the water.

"gil?" she asked
"who else" i replied

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

i met my bestfriend monica outside the party. it sounded crackin and i couldnt wait to get in there and shake a tail feather.

we rang the dor bell but when no one came to answer it, we just walked in. there were so many people in there. i felt like i couldnt breath. and i felt extremely violated, people were touching me allover as i walked past. lol

I woke up the next day with a rather large headache as my sister shook me.

groaned and rolled over.

Elis: Lara..Mama left this morning, she had to go to new york for work. im bout to go out now ok? do you have dancing today?
Lara: i shook my head and rolled over.
Elis: ok, cya later.
Lara: mmmm.

she shook her head and left.

a few seconds later my phone rang. i wanted to let it ring but then i rolled over and saw the caller ID.... "decial"..i sat up and practiced saying hello a few times so that i wouldnt sound like i was just asleep. lol. before finally picking it up.

Lara: hello?
Decial: hey..its decial
lara: hey!
Decial: eyy, wasup.
Lara: nuthin much. just woke up. lol
Decial: oh. **laughs**. well you hittin the beach today?
Lara: uh.. yeah. ill go down a little later on.
Decial: ok cool. well imma be there around 2. you?
Lara: uhh. im not sure yet.
Decial: aiight. well. imma hit you when i get down there k?
Lara: sounds good!
Decial: aiight ma. ill talk to you later
Lara: okay.
decial: one. -click-

smiled to myself then glanced at my clock it was already 1...i partied hard last night huh...aha...well lemme call Helen and see if she wanna come down to the beach.

Helen: heell-lo.
Lara: how you doin chica?
Helen: i'm good. wasup.
Lara: aye you wanna hit the beach today?
Helen: sure. yous goin?
Lara: just us. oh and we might meet a friend of mine down there a little later.
Helen: ok sounds good! i'll be over in a few.
Lara: ok. later
Helen: bye.

hung up the phone and thought about what i should wear to the beach...odd i know...i never think about it im there all the time..but..this time is different...what if he looks better on myspace? what if hes some phsyco rapist guy? ooook...chill Lara. aha...

I jumped in the shower and got ready for the beach in
this bikini and put on these shorts and this shirt i glanced at the clock it had just clicked over to 2pm...i stared at my phone like i could make it ring with my eyes. but when nothing happened. i laughed at myself and flopped on the couch.

the door opened and in walked helen.

helen: ready!?

I pushed my self of the couch

Lara: yup

I grabbed my bag and threw a few things in there and slipped on my white flip flops. just as i was about to walk out the door my phone rang....

I picked it up in a hurry and helen looked at me like i was crazy.

"hello" i tried to sound calm
"eyy. wats up?" it was decial
"nuthin much bout to head out now"
" oh. k . cool. well imm already here, from the store on the shore, i'm to the left."
"ok i know where that is"
" well ill see you in a bit then"
"ok bye"

he hung up and i breathed.

"who was that?" she asked me suspisciously
"my friend" i tried to cover it up
"and where did you meet this...friend?"

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

the week was finally over! and it couldnt have come sooner. i plopped down on my bed and sighed. realising i's told decial i'd be right back on msn, i flicked open my laptop and plugged it into the wall.

Lara says: ok back

Decial says: aha ok. how was school?

Lara says: how good can school possibly get? lol. naw i mean, it was ok. you?

Decial says: i didnt go. lol. decided i'd be "sick today lol

Lara says: lazy ass.

Decial says: no not lazy..just...had enough school for the week, four days is all i needed. lol.

Lara says: lol. ok then?..what you got planned for the weekend?

Decial says: Tonight, party. and tomorrow, i was thinking about going to the beach. and another party tomorrow night. and sunday, i dunno yet, imma wong that one lol. what about you?

Lara says: yeah, pretty much the same. was thinking about the beach tomorrow too.

Decial says: well, might see ya there then!

Lara says: lol. maybe..well speaking of parties..i must go get ready. you know, make myself beautiful..

Decial says: lol. wel. that shouldnt take long

Lara says: lol. well shux. lol

Decial says: aye, whats ya cell number so if i doend up going to the beach tomorrow, we can meet up...

i wondered if i should do it...i mean..this is how people get raped and stuff, by meeting up with internet weirdos...but..i mean. we wont be meeting up. we'll just happen to be in the same place at the same time right?

Lara says:

i **ur cell number** yours?

Decial says:

peep yo phone, you should have a missed call from me.

Lara says: lol ok. well i might talk to you tomorrow then until then ill talk to you later. gotta go get ready.

Decial says: aha. ok. talk to you later ma.

and with that i logged off. my philosophy is..always keep em wanting more. and thats just what i do. lol.

i switched off my computer and did my hygene thing. before i could go to the party tonight. i had to go to dance rehearsals. yeah, i like to consider myself a bit of dancer. lol. its got me to new york twice and i've done a few shows for some pretty cool people. i got dressed into these this these backwards fitted and just to finish it off these (ok so that matches a little to much. lol) i grabbed my bag and my clothes for after and noticing i was running late. raced out the door jumped in my car and raced down to the studio.

we ran through our routine a few times. we were to have a big production in a few weeks. and things were getting pretty hectic. i was second in charge on the dancing side of things, and so i had quite a bit of pressure riding on me. we'd have a costume fitting soon, and with all the dancers in it (ranging from ages 4-25) it would get a little hectic.

as soon as i could i raced to the changerooms, took a shower and got changed yeah..i was fixin to get my dance on tonight.

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

About 5 minutes later I had 1 new msg on my homepage I clicked on it and saw that it was from him:

“aha. Hey.

I live real close to Miami beach.

What about you?


Wow. I was a little startled. He lived on Miami beach too? Its true. I didn’t expect him to say he lived here. I clicked on reply:


Wow. I live right on Miami beach.


I hit the send button and then went back to my home page. After a couple of minutes I clicked the refresh button to see I had another new msg:

“oh word?

Do you have MSN? Or AOL? Or yahoo?? Lol..


I clicked reply:

“lol. Yup,

My MSN is my AOL sn is miami dyme…and my yahoo is

Lol don’t ask me why I have all three!


My thoughts were interrupted by the bell sounding. I closed my laptop without switching it off. And moved onto my next class, which was English. Now this class I really cant stand. The teacher just doesn’t know how to teach..and while that means we can get away with murder in her class, it also means that we don’t learn when I comes to finals time. We wont be doing too well…

I sat down in my seat next to my friend jesse.
“hey lara, hows it goin?” he asked me
“pretty good. What’d you just have?”
“History…” he rolled his eyes. I laughed at him. “ you?”
“I heard that’s hard.” He asked.
“mmm..not hard so much as boring.” I laughed.
“ah. Lol. I see.”
Then the teacher spoke…or should I say tried to speak.
“ok class..class..class…today we will be looking at advertising and the techniques used in advertising.” Mrs. Payne said as the class talked over the op of her. “if you go to the email I sent you. You will find the task for today. If you have any questions, come and see me at my desk.”
“what did she just say?” I asked jesse..he just shrugged his shoulders and opened up his computer.

I followed his lead and did the same. I decided to check my emails since that’s where the work for today would most likely be. There was an email from her in there. I opened it up and while I waited for it to load I switched over to my myspace window. After clicking refresh I saw that I had one new msg. I opened it:

“lol. Well me too. But I like MSN the best so I’ll give you that one its


I laughed at his email. Special decial…I shook my head and opened my instant messenger and a window popped up saying that had added me would I like to accept. I clicked the accept and waited for the window to load up. He wasn’t online though so I clicked the cross because I really didn’t feel like talking to anyone else today. I switched back to my myspace and noticed that he was no longer online. So I decided to close it for now and try back later. I reopened the task Mrs. Payne had given us for today and got to work on it.

--wow ur almost as cute as me--

before i start, if you guys want the first part of the story from the old part with all the links still in it go to

Characters: Lara, Decial, Rory, monica, helen

well, im Lara ... i know what your thinking..what am i??? whell, my dad is half white, half black..and my mum is half indian half im half white, a quarter black and a quarter indian..and i wouldnt be suprised if there was something else in there as 16. and this is the story of how i fell in love with a stranger...

I clicked on his profile and thought he was pretty good looking. Usually I would never add anyone, especially someone I’d never met. I let people add me. But something in me just wanted to get to know him. I scrolled down a little and read his “about me” section:

Hey, I’m Decial. I love basketball. I’m not an alcoholic, I just like to drink…a lot. If I have a problem with you I’ll let you know. Other then that I like partying…love partying! Aha.. If you wanna get to know me a little more then just add me and we’ll talk some more.

Next was his “who’d I’d like to meet” section:

You! Lol. Naw. Anyone, if ur fun and out going, get at me. But if you’re adding me just to cause some drama please don’t even think about it.

I looked down at his comments. There were a few from this girl.. "saha" ”… it seemed like they were real close..the last comment from her read:

Hey babe

I know, how much fun was last night! We should do it again sometime

Anyways, I’ll talk to you later tonight

Luv Saha


Nothing I couldn’t handle, just to be sure I went to where it told me his status…it read “single”..So I took that as a queue and scrolled up some more and clicked on the add me button. After that I clicked on “return to view profile”. There were some pictures of him and his little brothers on there. And a few of him at the beach with girls. There was a lot of stuff about Seattle on there. Pictures of the city and a few pictures of the seahawks.

“Lara! Time to get off!” my mother yelled at me.

I breathed a disapoited sigh and turned the computer off. It was about 11 and I should be heading off to bed anyway. With school and all tomorrow. I went and jumped in the shower and did my hygene thing before I put my pyjamas on and slipped into bed.

I felt like I’d only just closed my eyes and I heard my alarm go off. Opening my eyes I realized it was morning already and I had to be at school soon. Peeling the covers off myself I climbed out of bed and took a shower. I then put on my school uniform and did my hair like this. Before I left out the door I sprayed myself with some DKNY red delicious perfume.

“ready lara?” my mum asked as I descended the stairs.

I nodded and grabbed my laptop off the desk before walking out the door. At my school, we don’t have any text books or pens or paper anything. All of our work is done on the computer. All off our text work is emailed through to us. So there is no need for us to bring any books to school.

I entered the school building and went to my first class for the day. It was economics. An ok class, I didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. Sitting down next to my friend helen , I opened my computer up on my desk.

“hey lara” she smiled at me
“hey Helen.”
“did you finish last nights homework?” she asked me
“yeah, except for question 11, I didn’t really know what that was asking. So I just left that one out.”
“oh, it was just basically explaining the rise and fall of economic relationships and also opportunity cost”
“thanks” I smiled and quickly opened up the document that had the unfinished work and filled in the blank.

“ok class. Can you all now email me ur homework from last night please.” My teacher Mr. Newlands spoke. “today we’ll be covering some of the stuff you will need to put in your essay next Tuesday…..”

Blah blah blah…I had no idea what he was talking about…I opened up my email. And attatched the homework document to an email before sending it off to him.

We were supposed to be taking down notes. But I really wasn’t in the mood to learn today. I opened up a new window and typed in the myspace web address. The login page loaded and I put in my email and password. My home page loaded up and I saw that I had new comments and picture comments. After checking them I went to my “pending requests” file and saw that I had no pending requests which meant that decial had to have added me. So I clicked back into my friends and scrolled through until I found him and clicked on his page. I noticed he lived in miami too. So I decided to send him a msg. it read:


I only just realized you’re from too! Where abouts are you from?


--wow ur almost as cute as me--