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Hold back the nice memory

This ring should be madly in love hour boy gave the girl's right, should be according to the girl's finger size bought it, should only girls can wear it, and now? Still not <a href=""><strong>pandora charms</strong></a> cast by the girl here, should be she no longer love boy! Can lose ring can lose memory? Can lose each other's love? Can lose now boy's pain? Should not!
Just lost once love, lost once the <a href=""><strong>pandora sale</strong></a> lasting, lost once said the everlasting, that now do you owe each other a days shortage, a land old? It is not a diamond ring? Diamonds are not symbol the symbol of love and commitment? I know it is false, is there only because it is wrong? It's false yes, but each other's love is true, now <a href=""><strong>pandora jewellery online</strong></a> each other's tears, each other's pain is true!
"Woo blare, I want mama!" Suddenly small cousin make "to mom, I had to hurry take them back, again remind of the mother often say my childhood moment are inseparable from her bosom, often to mother shouted," mother, mother holding back ", the mother to her work behind my back, and now I will no longer with them as "mother", is I love mom? No! I'm sure, I'd like to just because they are too small, and I, I grow up!
Back to small cousin, I a person again cross that street, but no longer have the kind of enjoyment before. I just, accelerate through, this time I should only be <a href=""><strong>pandora beads</strong></a> passing just! Return to dormitory friends goes out to play away, and left me a man, of course, this has already become the norm.
I often a person in the dormitory, lie down and turn out the light, listening to the song, the fix attention on, staring at the ceiling, didn't see anything, but <a href=""><strong>pandora bracelet discount</strong></a> seemed to be able to see you, mouth from saying "tomorrow, tomorrow,", only that say "tomorrow", but how all behind can not say it, know is to want to say "tomorrow you went away, and said," but do not come out, it didn't really understand what others say "silence" the truth!
At this time, cantus slowly overflow the economic system tears, I always used to wipe, but more so flow more, finally will not bother to wipe, love flow has been flowing right, then when sleep before wash a face again!
Hear the phrase "whether love a person ignore after tomorrow", much good of a ah, now seems to me to sing, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow you away, and sit on the city's car to go to another city, one person alone, I'm really worried, but I can't do something for you, why can't I accompany you? You might think alike I accompany! No accompany you, will have another chance to accompany you? Tomorrow is gone; tomorrow will arrive, after tomorrow we love? We still have after tomorrow?
If have, that this is a how of after tomorrow? Is <a href=""><strong>pandora box</strong></a> holding the roses for you? If we can take hold your hand? If we can light kiss your forehead? If not, the next year's tomorrow, the annual tomorrow I whether to hold chrysanthemum, mountains to bury place of love worship offering us it has lost love?
Don't love the outcome would have been written on thousand years ago story inside? Then why I took so long, hard to explore without catching anything. I love <a href=""><strong>pandora jewelry</strong></a> you like a whip the 21-year-old whipping up my heart you trembling said: "no, I don't, I didn't expect you finally said come out, my fear comes, you why want to give up his shouldn't abandon, tenacious persisting with shouldn't insist, I give you must still let your fear, still let your pain, I love you, I will be waiting for you, always etc, also hope you can give me the <a href=""><strong>pandora pendant</strong></a> chance of love."