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The bride classroom: jewelry appreciation four classic index

1, history
High-quality jewelry appraisal to the historical value, except from <a href=""><strong>pandora</strong></a> design style is watching embedded concerned, senior jewelry jewel of eco-system and warranty value. Along with the changes, human nature, exploitation of ores, discover the peerless natural, high quality and the number of chances of gem card less and less, some gem origin even <a href=""><strong>pandora jewelry</strong></a> already died out. Therefore, a single high quality rare gems, such as Kashmir sapphire and Burma smoky etc., its history warrenty value is very high. To conclude that one senior jewelry history value, will first concluded that the gem of nature and quality veracity of sex, therefore gem is an advanced jewelry certificate of the value of the work certificate. To determine the true <a href=""><strong>cheapst pandora</strong></a> antique jewelry, directs experience, instruments and certificate of Ming confirmed assistance is required.
2, materials
To manufacture high-quality jewelry, material selection of can not be ignored. Neither be called high-quality jewelry, the guarantee of quality is the most important. Enchase high-quality jewelry materials are best precious metals (gold, platinum), because such material comparative value. In addition, precious rare semi-precious stones and gems and high-quality diamonds are fine jewelry makings natural choice. Nowadays, the current <a href=""><strong>pandora uk</strong></a> technology developed, market introduction gem mostly through artificial processing, with exaggerated gem itself value. Therefore 100% true natural gem (if not after heat treatment) inlay to senior jewelry is quality assurance of the election.
3, process
Every brand has its are both traditional and unique design and Mosaic technology, for example, VanCleef&Arpels brahman grams yabao <a href=""><strong>pandora box</strong></a> origination, used for socket "secret type inlaying". Unique craftsmanship and brand personality and characteristics of works of any one piece of high-quality jewelry for all to be indispensable element. Apart from conspicuous outside the style, material <a href=""><strong>pandora jewelry sale</strong></a> itself glorious all show, let gem play inside collect is decorous shining luster, is creative senior jewelry artisans consideration of focus. Perfect manual, flexible change and meticulous design are fine jewelry creations prerequisite. A "excellent" high-quality jewelry works will make any wearer after wearing are shown "beauty" the effect.
4, artistic feeling
Creative jewelry craft, the "aesthetic" is living conditions. Inspiration, often from real life. To imitate by forms of real life bit by bit, such as the nature of <a href=""><strong>pandora jewelry discount</strong></a> animal and plant form, the human emotion and becomes a Labour uncommon jewelry works. Among the "aesthetic" creation, is the important elements. "Spirit likeness", success than thickand the jewelry works, should work experience from the <a href=""><strong>pandora jewellery sale</strong></a> inspiration of the deep beautiful condition and verve. Inspiration the distinctive temperament will al-maktoums into works, make works contain infinite ornamental and artistic value.